Sitopaladi Churna




Useful in cough,
Vanshalochan Pimpali
Ela (Sukshma) Twak
General weakness, Acidity, Low appetite, Chronic fever,
Lack of physical strength

The main function of Sitopaladi Churna is restoration of natural functions of respiration, digestion, and building the immune systems of the body. Sitopaladi churns is especially useful in respiratory diseases. It can work alone in management of cough, chronic fevers and debility even after chronic diseases. Ingredients present in Sitopaladi Churna are immunomodulators. Sitopaladi provides strength to the body and it can be used as general body tonic. It stimulates appetite and helps in anorexia nervosa.

Additional information

Weight 92.00 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 11.00 cm


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