Knivitol Liniment – Large (90ml)

Rs. 160.00

Quick relief from Sprain and Pain.



Local Analgesic for Joint pain, Muscle pain, Muscle sprain, Girdle pain.

Ingredients of Knivitol Liniment have properties like lightness, incisiveness, hotness, sourness, oily nature which can act against the exaggerated vats with qualities like coldness, dryness. Knivitol numbs the nerve endings; thereby blocking the sensation of pain. It is a stimulant, counter-irritant, anti-inflammatory, etc. The absorption of the liniment through the skin is enhanced by suspending the drug in an oily vehicle and rubbing the resulting preparation on the skin. This would further aid in maintaining muscle tone.

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Kapoor, Sat ajwain, Pudina Phool, Nagiri tel, Hari chai ka tel, Wintergreen oil, Cajeput oil, Clove oil, Mustard oil, Til Oil, Tarpine Tel.


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