Entyce Eye Drops – Small (5ml)

Rs. 65.00

Keep your eyes Cool and bings tired eyes to life Daly.



Allergic Conjunctivitis Inflammation, Irritation, Swelling, burning, itching, etc of Eyes.

Entyce is a soothing, cooling, and relaxing eye drop prepared with natural herbs giving a refreshing feeling after application. Being natural it can be used as often as required to keep eyes de-strained, relaxed & refreshed. Entyce soothes tired and fatigued eyes, brings a sparkle to the eyes, makes them look stunning and healthy; provides a cooling effect to the eyes & helps to calm nerve endings. Thus it has cooling and antiseptic property. Suitable for all age groups. Safe for prolonged use.

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Neem bark, Daruharidra root, Yashtimadhu root, Bhringaraj leaf Peppermint crystal, Punarnava root, Kapoor crystal, Haritaki fruit, Amalaki fruit, Baheda fruit, Gulab Flower Extract, Glycerine.


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