Arjun Capsules (Extract 5:1)

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Stay young at Heart.

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Cardiotonic Lipid Management Antioxidant.

Arjuna contains many bioactive constituents such as cardenolide, tannins, flavonoids (arjunolone, arjunone, luteolin), triterpenoid saponins (arjunolic acid, arjunic acid, arjunglycosides, arjungenin), ellagic acid, and gallic acid which give it a range of beneficial properties. Has traditionally been used to treat heart disease for centuries, which is why it got the nickname “Guardian of the heart.” The hero of the famous epic “Mahabharata”, was named after this tree because of its protective effects.

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Arjun Extract equivalent to FIVE (5) tImas of Arjun Powder.


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