Antaj Tablets – Chewable

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Chew it to fight acidity in minutes Naturally.

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Hyperacidity flatulence (Gas), Indigestion, heartburn.

Antaj Chewable tablets provide all the benefits as mentioned in Antaj Syrup. In addition, they have their own advantages. Available in blister packing, making it easier to carry even while traveling. Being chewable it does not require water to administer. The tablets start dissolving in the mouth itself, thereby giving quick relief from Acidity just like the syrup. Modern technology has been effectively used to mask the bitter tastes of the ingredients present in Antaj making the chewable tablets extremely palatable.

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Sunth, Kala draksh, Kariyatu, Aragwadh magaj, Jethimadh, Khajur, Guduchi, Shatavari, AmIa


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