Winter chills are disappearing and we are gradually preparing ourselves for hot to hotter days of summer. The shift from cold weather to high temperatures is obviously difficult, irritating, and strenuous.

But as humans, we are bound to adjust to the climate changes, may it be summer to rainfalls, monsoon to winter, or winter to summer.

Summertime is considered more enjoyable than monsoon and winter. Why? It is because students have vacations and they can enjoy the vacation with their friends or family by traveling to destinations with moderately warm or cold temperatures. Similarly, elders plan out holidays and join their kids.

Although enjoyable, summer creates trying situations for everyone, especially those working outside and people living in high-temperature zones. Apart from sweating, summer increases the risk for health problems such as dehydration, skin diseases, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So, what is the best way to beat the heat and stay healthy throughout summer?

Listed below are most healthy summer foods that you should choose to consume this year.

  • Melons: Melons – Muskmelon or Watermelon are coolest and juiciest food for summer. They can be eaten raw and can be used in salads and milkshakes. They are good for the stomach and also keep your body hydrated.
  • Green Beans: Green Beans are packed with lutein and beta-carotene and their nutritional value is equivalent to other green vegetables.
  • Oranges: Oranges are rich in potassium, a crucial nutrient in summer. Oranges are 80% water, so popping a few juicy slices will keep you hydrated during hot summer days.
  • Apple and Pear: Apple and Pear are high in fiber. They should be consumed without peeling off their skin for the maximum nutritional benefit.
  • Green Salad: Avoid eating steamed vegetables during summer. Add leafy greens such as spinach, carrot, cucumber, and tomatoes to your daily intake. Fruit salads are the best bet if you do not like to eat fruits separately.
  • Yogurt/Curd: Yogurt/Curd is the best summer food. They are packed with protein. Yogurt adds a dose of beneficial bacteria that keep your digestive system smooth.
  • Aam Panna: Prepared from green mangoes, Aam Panna is considered as the best heat-resistant. Aam Panna helps with digestion, constipation and chronic stomach problems, usually caused by heat.

We have included the most healthy summer foods for you. There can be more, but we believe foods or fruits mentioned above will help you have a healthy and happy summer of 2018.

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