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We believe in Ayurveda which gives the meaning of attaining and maintaining optimal health and well-being..

  • Highest Purity
    Highest Purity
  • Eco Package
    Eco Package
  • Increase Resistance to Illness
    Increase Resistance to Illness
  • De Stresses & Rejuvenates
    De Stresses & Rejuvenates
  • Synergistic Combination of Herbs
    Synergistic Combination of Herbs
  • Internationally Researched & Clinically Tested
    Internationally Researched & Clinically Tested

Our Mission

Jiwadaya aims at fiercely establishing Ayurveda as an alternate way of lifestyle among people while maintaining the authenticity of the age-old science and retaining its purity. The group boasts of changing the perspective and attracting the attention of the masses towards Ayurveda from the modern aloepathic treatments that still rules the minds of most people. We seek to form partnerships and investments to expand our mission of empowering individuals and transforming their lives by the natural and inherent altruism of the Ayurvedic arts.

Our Vision

With our firm faith in the ancient Ayurvedic treaties and the legacy of India, Jiwadaya is the shining beacon of alternative medicine in the world. Jiwadaya’s vision is a complete establishment of a comprehensive approach to health and is committed to enhancing positivity and wellbeing in individuals. The environment and the global community uphold the true essence of Ayurveda and maintain the authenticity of our ancient science.

Our immense success over the years can be attributed to the fact that we have never wavered from our chosen path and have continued to strive towards our goal perpetually. This ardent determination to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing of individuals has kept us going despite numerous difficulties in our way.

Get to know About Jiwadaya

At Jiwadaya, we continue to strive to develop simple, easy, novel and efficient solutions for simple or complex issues. We provide natural integrated Healthcare Management by developing innovative products, treatments, nursing and technology platforms to give you effective, adverse free solutions for wellness and cure.

We believe in Ayurveda, which gives the meaning of attaining and maintaining optimal health and well-being. Our Vision is to harness the knowledge and principles of Ayurveda, and combine it with modern technology for enhancing life. Our 2021 Mission is to bring to you 100 products, 10 healthcare clinics and an online platform for effective patient doctor interaction and enhanced patient care.


Dr. Ramkrishna P. Bhatt D.A.S.F. (BOM.)

January 23, 1957 Bombay
I have used the medicine in Shri Balkrishna Datavya Aushdalaya (Clinic) and also in my private clinic. This medicine is harmless and useful in routine eye ailments.

Dr. R.J.Gordhandas

April 27, 1957 Bombay  This is to certify that I have used Jiwadaya Netraprabha for several patients of mine and have found to be very effective specially in chronic conjunctivitis.