Prakruti (Genotyp) and its aggrevating causes and factors

The provocative or exciting causes(factors) for each dosha-aahar, vihar, charya-and seasonal and climatic states





Seasonal and climatic factors


Ingestion of food-predominantly katu, kashay and tikt rasa; laghu, dry, shit virya dried leafy vegetables; vallura, varaka, mudga, masura, overeating and irregular meals

Wrestling with a person of superior strength; violent exercises; sexual excesses; excessive study; head-long plunge into water or a leap from great height; running; leaping over a ditch; a bounding gait; swimming; keeping late hours; carrying heavy loads; excessive riding; walking long distances; suppression of natural urges viz. micturition, tears, secretions from nose, defaecation and sneezing


Cold; cloudy and windy day; winter and rainy seasons; evening and the close of digestion


Ingestion of food predominantly katu, amla or lavan, tikshna, ushna virya, laghu, vidahi; tila tail, tila pinyaak; kulath; sarshapa;atasi; the green leafy vegetable known as haritaka, flesh of godha; curd; whey; vidagdhaajirn(leading to fermentative changes)

Mental: anger, grief, fear and fright

Physical: Unnatural modes of sexual indulgence, exercise and excessive exposure to sun

Fasting, keeping late hours

Summer and autumn, noon, midnight and during the process of digestion


Ingestion of food substances essentially guru, slimy; amla and lavan rasas; substances which increase the secretion of kapha, food grains such as hayanalla, yavaka, nishatha, masha, godhuma, tila, ice cakes, curd, milk, krishra, payasa, preparations of cane sugar; flesh of beasts and birds of aquatic habits or those which live in swampy regions; lard; bulbuls and lotus stems; kasheruka; shringataka, madhuraphala; valliphala; foods consisting of unwholesome substances; cold foods and drinks

Day-sleep; lazy and sedentary habits; eating before the digestion of food consumed previously.


Morning; evening, Hemant (early winter)and specially in vasanta(spring), after meals