Wintogeno Poweful Pain Reliever Cream 2x25g

Wintogeno Poweful Pain Reliever Cream 2x25g


Wintogeno is the most poweful pain reliever that gives direct relief to the area of pain in any part of the body from head to toe. It has an intense pain relieving formula that provides fast and effective relief from Headache, Stiffneck, Upper backache,Muscular pain, Lower backache, Sprain, Joint pain, Minor arthritis pain, Muscle cramp and Foot sole pain.

At times it becomes increasingly difficult to venture out in our favorite activity or sport due to physical restriction and pain.Common pain reliving gels available today, do not provide us with any relief when it comes to effictiveness. Wintogeno brought to you by Huxley and company is a world renowned and trusted pain reliever that alleviates you from all kind of pain.

Wintogeno has no animal fat and it works very effectively in all age groups above 12 years.

Wintogeno has mild odour and being an ayurvedic medicine has no side effects.

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