Rumarub Ointment- 25gm (3 bottles)

Rumarub Ointment- 25gm (3 bottles)


Foetida (Prasarini), Withenia Somniferra (Ashwanghadha), Valerina Walachi (Tagar), Strobulanths Heynanus (Sachachara), Sassuria Lappa (Uplet), Cedrus Deodara (Devadaram), Nardostachs Jatamanshi (Jatamanchi) accorus Calamus (Bauh) etc. in Till Oil are reputed in arresting the free radical release and also for its antiarthritic properties. It is further emulcified for its uniform distribution in the Ointment. These herbal ingredients are effective free radical scavengers, which arrests the degeneration and tonic properties to repair and rejuvenate the affected tissues. Special herbs like Sassuria Lappa has capillary dilating effect and Nardostaches, Jatamanchi and Acorus Calamus are soothing and relaxing.

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Peppermint phool, Kapoor, Wintergreen Oil Chaha Oil are reputed for its local analgesic property which provide immediate action, Menthol will dilate the capillaries and also stimulate the nerve endings responsible for feeling of cold . This leads to mild anaesthesia and powerful analgesia. Kapoor is a local sedatic, and analgesic Wintergreen Oil is a reputed medicine for aches and pains. Chaha Oil has analgesic and muscle relaxing properties. These Volatile ingredients are dispersed in the medicinal herbal oils in proper emulcified form. In this particular form it melts at body temperature and provides maximum penetration and optimum efficacy. Rumarub is nongreasy and does not stain clothes. It is completely absorbed into the affected area. Application of Rumarub twice a day will ensure a painless and peaceful night for osteoarthritic patients. Rumarub reduces the morning stiffness increases the motility of the affected joints and thus provides physical efficiency.


Rumarub is a herbal embrocation indicated in all type of aches, pain, inflammation and stiffness due to Rheumatic or Traumatic disorders. Rumarub contains 3 time tested herbal ingredients namely Dhanwantharam Oil, Prabhanjanam Oil, and Sahacharadi Oil along with Peppermint Phool, Kapoor, Wintergreen Oil and Chaha Oil. Dhanwantheram Oil is a specific medicament for Neuralgia, Prabhanjanam Oil for Neuritis and Sahacharadi Oil for Osteoarthritis. These herbal oils contain the water soluble and oil soluble principles of precious herbs, viz. Racemosa (Satavari) paederia


  1. Pain
  2. Inflamation
  3. Stiffnesss

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