1. Liver Tonic
  2. Digestive
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1.   Kalmegh (Andrographis Paniculata):  Kalmegh – Kalmegh contains Andrographolide and related diterpens are hepato-protective agents. It prevents liver damage.Andrographis paniculata work as a hepato protective against carbon tetra chloride. Kalmegh increses bile flow and liver weight.

2.     Sunthi (Zingiber Officinale):  Sunthi have an anti – oxidation property that plays an important role in antihepatotoxic activity.

3.     Pudina ( Mentha Spicata):  Pudina increases the production of bile, the effect is due to essential oil. Extract of pudina exhibit anti-microbial effects. It acts as a strong choloretic action due to menthol.

4.     Beal (Aegle Marmelos):  Beal pulp is an astringent and digestive.

5.     Kutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa): Kutki possesses hepato-protective activity and is a bitter tonic.

6.     Gokharu (Tribullus Terrestris): Gokharu is a tonic for liver. It is anti-microbial, cardiac stimulant, tonic and hepatic & anti-urolithiatic.

7.     Jav (Hordeum Vulgare): Jav seeds are astringents.

8.     Kasani (Cichorium Endiva): Kasani is effective in liver protection. Kasani is a digestive tonic, which is effective as a hepato protector.

9.     Gulab phool (Rosa Centifolia): Gulab phool is an astringent.

10.    Arjun chaal (Terminalia Arjuna): Arjun chaal is cardio-tonic. It is also hypocholestremic and anti-anginal.

11.    Punarnava (Boerhaacvia Diffusa): Punarnava extract exhibits diuretic & hepato protective activities. Punarnava acts as an active liver tonic.

12.    Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba): Bhringaraj acts as and deobstruent in hepatic & spleen enlargement. Bhringaraj contains wedelolactone and de methyl wedelolactone, which exhibits anti-hepato toxic properties. Extract of the plant Bhringaraj shows  hepato-protective properties.

 Livroplex is distinctively superior to conventional herbal products with significant hepato-protective activity to penetrate liver. Livroplex improves appetite, digestion and assimilation process and promotes weight gain. Livroplex prevents further liver damage. In chronic alcoholism, prevents fatty in-filtration of the liver. Livroplex is a hepato-protective medicine for liver. Livroplex protects liver and work as a hepato-protective against Carbon tetra chloride. Livroplex increase bile flow and liver weight. It plays an important role as anti-hepato toxic agent.