Kofton-100ml (4 bottles )

Kofton-100ml (4 bottles )


  1. Cough
  2. Cold
  3. Sore Throat
  4. Bronchitis
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1. Adulsa [Adhatoda Vasica]

It contains bioactive pyrralazoquinazoline alkaloid, vasicine about 1-3% & other alkaloids viz., vasicinone, adhatonine & aliphatic hydroketones. Adulsa is a highly potent expectorant. The bronchodilatory and expectorant properties of the leaves are attributed to vasicine. It also possesses antimicrobial activity. In chronic bronchitis and cough it affords relief. Whenever, the sputum is thick and tenacious, adulsa acts by liquefying the thick sputum. It being bronchodilator it is useful in asthma, bronchitis and throat diseases.
Therapeutic Category: Expectorant, Bronchodilator

2. Jeshtimadh [Glycyrrhiza Glabra]

Jeshtimadh contains Triterpenoid saponin glycyrrhizin (2-9%), glabranin A & B, glabrolide, isoflavones viz., glabrone & triterpene sterols viz., stigmasterol. This herb possesses potent demulcent, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory properties and these are attributed to the presence of glycyrrhizin. Glycyrrhizin is also credited with antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is a useful demulcent in inflammatory or irritable conditions. It has tonic effect so increases strength.
Therapeutic Category: Demulcent, Expectorant, Anti-inflammatory.

3. Tulsi [Ocimum Santcum]

It contains a volatile Oil [0.4-0.8%] containing chiefly eugenol (21%) and B- Caryophyllene (37%). Ocimum Sanctum shows anti-inflammatory, bronchodialator, anti-pyretic actions hence it is useful in bronchial asthama. It is useful in resistant cough with cold and sneezing, bronchitis spasmodic and catarrhal conditions, whoops, asthamatic cough. It ensures the process of inhalation by liquefying the sputum and expelling the same.
Therapeutic Category: Expectorant, Analgesic, Anti- Pyretic, Immunomodulatory.

4. Harda [ Terminalia Chebula]

Harda contains astringent principals tannin (tannic acid) 45% & large amount of gallic acid, mucilage, chebulinic acid. Harda is used in fevers, cough, asthama, urinary diseases.
Therapeutic Category: Astringent, Expectorant, Anti-pyretic

5. Beheda [Terminalia Belerica]

Beheda consist of gallo-tannic acid, resins & oil. Beheda fruit is provide relief from sore-thorat cough. It is a demulcent in action hence it is useful in dry cough.
Therapeutic Category: Expectorant, tonic, astringent, laxative.

6. Kantakari [Solanum Xanthocarpum]

Kantakari contains steroidal alkaloid solasodine 0.2% Solamargine, solasonine sterols viz, Cycloatenol, cholesterol and their datives. This drug has shown significiant improvement in some respiratory diseases like bronchial asthma. Kantakari is an effective expectorant. It has an anti-tussive and anti-histaminic properties hence, it is used good for allergic and smoker’s cough.
Therapeutic Category: Expectorant, Anti-pyretic, anti-fungal.

7. Kakadshingi [Rhus Succedanea]

Kakadshingi contains crystalline hydrocarbons tannin substances & essential oils. Kakadshingi is useful in cough, asthama, fever, & irritable conditions of the respiratory tract. Due to its essential oil, it is useful in pulmonary disorders.
Therapeutic Category: Expectorant, Tonic, Mucolytic, Stimulant & astringent.

8. Navsagar [Ammonium Chloride]

Navsagar has marked stimulating action on the mucous membranes, increasing their secretion.
Therapeutic Category: Expectorant.

9. Pippermint Phool [Mentha Longifolia]

It contains a volatile oil, Menthol and menthone. It works as a local smooth muscle relaxant. It provides soothing effect to the throat and has anti-bacterial properties.
Therapeutic Category: Antibacterial.

10. Kapoor [Cinamomum Camphora]

Kapoor contain a valuable substance called safrole and a volatile oil. It is an ideal cough expectorant and anti-septic.
Therapeutic Category: Antiseptic, Expectorant, Carminative, antispasmodic.

An ideal cough syrup, which contains ten effective ingredients providing anti-allergic, mucolytic, expectorant, bronchodilator and demulcent effects to provide relief in all types of cough. Kofton reduces congestion, promotes expectoration, and helps to relieve breathlessness. Due to bronchodilator properties, Kofton is a beneficial remedy in bronchitis. It alleviates congestion due to colds, bronchitis. Further, it expels and relieves the spasms of bronchial muscles. Due to antibacterial & anti-allergic properties, it provides relief from cough.

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