Kliston Hair Oil – 100ml (2 bottles )


Kliston Hair Oil – 100ml (2 bottles )

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  1. Hair fall.
  2. Dandruff
  3. Keshya – For proper growth and nourishment of hair.
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1. Jaswand (Hibiscus Rosasinensis)

The flowers of Jaswand are refrigerant, emollient and demulcent. It is used as stimulating application for better growth, smoothening and shining of hair.

2. Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba)

Various ancient texts describe Bhringaraja for its cosmetic as well as medicinal value. It contains ecliptal, wedelolactone, desmethyl wedelactone, stigmasterol etc. It exhibits antiviral properties. It reduces vitiated kapha-vata and at the same time it acts as Balya & Rasayan and thus acts as a good nutrition to hair. It is thus indicated in hair fall, dryness or breaking of hair.

3. Amla (Emblica officinalis)

The fruits of Amla contain vitamin C, phyllembin, linoclic acid, indole acetic acid etc. Amla has many medicinal attributes. It has ability to suppress the all the vitiated doshas and thus it helps in curing various diseases of hair as well as skin.

4. Bramhi (Bacopa monneri)

Bramhi contains brahmine, herpestine, alanine, beta-sitosterol etc. It is good for hair growth due to its nutritive values and at the same time boosts memory and intellect.

5. Methi (Trigonclla focnumgracum)

Steroidal saponins-diosgenin and getogenin from methi seeds boosts the activity of other constituent herbs to prevent and cure the hair fall.

6. Nagarmotha (Cyperus scariosus)

It contains essential oils & cyperine. It has anti-inflammatory action targeting dandruff.

7. Kapoor (Cinnamomum camphora)

It contains campher, caqmpherol, cineol, pinene and camphene which bring cooling as well as detoxifying (vishghna) effects.

8. Pudina Phool (Mentha Sylvestris)

It contains menthol, menthofuran, neomenthol etc. which brings about cooling effect and also provides nutrition to hair.

An ideal hair oil, which contains ten effective ingredients which provide nutrition and shine to hair. It fights hair fall with its detoxifying as well as anti-infection activities. It helps in controlling dandruff. It provides cooling effect and freshness to mind. Ingredients like bramhi and methi also boost memory and intellect


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