Jiwadaya D-Tone Churna Pack of 2

Jiwadaya D-Tone Churna Pack of 2


  1. Prameha
  2. Digestive
  3. Madhumeha

Directions for use

Adult       –        1 teaspoonful three times a day.

                        OR As directed by Physician

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1.     Gudmar (Gymnema Sylvestre)

Gudmar is a good anti microbial agent . It controls hyperglycaemia & also corrects metabolic derangement in the body. Gudmar contains gymnemic acid which reduces glycosuria. Gymnema sylvestre extract in water enhances endogensis of insulin which reduces hyper glycaemia.

2.     Kadvi Dudhi (leginaria vulgaris)

Kadvi Dudhi helps in improving the metabolic process thus helping in reducing the lipids by digesting the calories which results in reduction in sugar levels.

3.     Haridra (Curcuma Longa)

Haridra/Haldi contains cucurminoids, essential oil, curcumin constituents and bisabolane derivatives. Haldi exhibits anti inflammatory, anti ulcer and anti bacterial properties. Haldi is described as a good remedy for prameha described in Charak Samhita.

4.     Kadu ( Picrorrhiza Kurroa)

It contains gentianic acid and pectin. This is a bitter tonic and has anti-periodic, antibilious, astringent anthelmintic properties.

5.     Kariyatu (Swertia Chiriata)

Kariyatu has active bitter principle chirantatin which actively help in management of prameha.

6.    Kadu Limb / Neem leaves (Azadirachata Indica)

Neem leaves contains gedinin, querectin, azadirechitin & nimbidin. Neem leaves shows significant hypoglycaemic activity. Neem leaves possesses anthelmintic properties. In Ayurveda, Neem is prescribed as a good remedy on prameha.

7.    Karela (Momodia Charantia)

It contains active bitter principal momocardin which is present in seeds of Karela and plays a significant role in reducing blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

8.    Methi (Trigonella Foenumgraeceum)

Methi seeds stimulate the appetite by their action on the nervous system or produce a diuretic or ureo-poietic effect. Methi seeds show presence of carbohydrates polymers which are significantly bio active. Methi reduces blood sugar and lipid levels. It is aromatic, carminative, tonic useful in dyspepsia and loss of appetite

9.     Harda (Terminalia Chebula)

It contains tannic acid and gallic acid, chebulinic acid and it is an effective purgative, astringent and alterative. Unripe fruits are more purgative. These fruits are used in fevers, asthama, urinary diseases, cough and rheumatism. It acts as a rasayana in diabetic patients.

10.    Beheda ( Terminalia Belerica)

Behaeda is active astringent  & laxative. It plays an active role in diabetis as a bitter tonic.

11.    Amala ( Phyllanthus Emblica)

Amla is considered as the best drug for prameha described in Dhari Nisha Yog in Charak Samhita. Amla is an anti oxidant with free radical scavenging properties which may be due to the presence of higher levels of super oxide dismutase.

12.    Indrajav (Wrigetia Pictoria)

Indrajav has been considered to be highly useful in prameha

13.    Jambu (Eugenia Jamboline)

Jambu contains a glycoside “Jamboline” which is said to have a power of checking the pathological conversion of starch into sugar in case of increased production of sugar. Jambu seeds diminish the quantity of sugar in urine and allay the unquenchable thirst of Prameha.

14.    Gulvel (Tinospora Cordifolia)

It contains sesquiterpene tinocordifolin, tinosponone, tinocorticoside, an immunologic ally active arabinogalactan, polyacetyates. Gulvel has immuno suppressive properties. Extract of Gulvel shows anti inflammatory, analgesic and anti pyretic properties. Gulvel shows anti oxidant properties which prevents the ketoacedosis process in diabetic patients.

15.    Gokharu (Pedelium murex)

It contains terrestrosins ABCDE, desgalactotigonin, gitonin etc. It plays a significant role in urinary glyoxalate excretion. The drug has nephro protective action against sugar induced renal damage. A semi purified water soluble extract shows cardiac stimulative action

16.    Dalchini (Cinamomum zeylencium)

Dalchini has digestive properties improves metabolism process thus results in reduction in blood sugar levels.

17.    Kari Jeeri (Vihamonia ethelmatica)

Seeds are aromatic, diuretic, diaphoretic, anti bilious, stomachic, stimulant and carminative, digestive ; also anthelmintic and emmenagogue. Kari jeeri helps in digestion by improvement in metabolic process.

Jiwadaya D-Tone Churna is an efficient combination of Herbo mineral hypo glycaemic agents which give excellent results in reducing blood glucose levels. D-Tone Churna increases peripheral utilization of glucose and the hepatic and muscle glycogen content. It promotes Beta cell repair and increases C- Peptide level. D-Tone has anti oxidant properties; it protects the Beta cells from oxidative stress. D-Tone Churna exerts insulin like action, by reducing the glycosylated hemoglobin level normalizing the micro albuminuria and modulating the lipid profile. D-Tone Churna minimizes the diabetes related co-morbid states.