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Improves & regulates menstrual flow. Maintains balance in endocrines and emotions

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A tonic is traditionally defined as a substance that supplements or supports general or specific physiological functions and is used in cases of deficiency and weakness. In Ayurveda, the class of tonics includes those substances nourishing to seven dhatus or bodily tissues of 1. Plasma (rasa), 2. blood (rakta), 3. Muscle (mans), 4.adipose tissue (meda), 5. bone (asthi), 6. Bone marrow and nerve tissue (majja) and  7. Reproductive secretion(shukra). Each one of these in turn nourishes the others and all promote ojas, which is the glow of radiant health and vitality deriving from good digestion.


thion causes Ojas Nirmiti (governing the immune system). It will break the pathology and help to maintain the strength of the body to stand during stress. Balya (Tonic) and Vaya-Sthapana (Anti-aging) properties of Guduchi, Amla and Ashwagandha, directly acts as Rasayana.


Tonics are used specifically to strengthen the immune system. The immune system is very complex. Its processes extend far beyond our simple understanding of phagocytosis or the function of various antibodies, such as white blood cells, in overcoming invading pathogens. The immune system is intimately connected with digestion, the liver and the hormonal system, and is affected either positively or negatively by the emotions. It is the Healthion, with its broad and holistic action, has the ability to build the immune system. It can act as immunomodulation, immune-stimulator due to the presence of its powerful free radical scavengers that lead to activated state of macrophages. Macrophages are the first line of defense and constitute important participants in the bi-directional interaction between innate and specific immunity.


The presence of Amla rich vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and polyphenol contents resulted in an enhanced cell survival, decreased free radical production and higher antioxidant levels.


Through molecular evidence it has been proved that the leaf extract of ashwagandha selectively kills tumor cells and, thus, is a natural source for safe anticancer medicine. Ashwagandha is an analgesic that soothes nervous system from pain response. Also it possesses powerful anti-arthritic properties. along with the immunomodulatory activity.


Hence overall, healthion act as rejuvenator, stress-buster, anti-oxidant, digestive, immunity enhancer, increases vigour, lustre, act against inflammation, underlying infections, pain. Helthion is an ideal high value tonic for all systems of the human body. Action of Helthion starts with improvement in appetite and digestive processes by its action on digestive enzymes. This helps in assimilation process, resulting in tissue build up and restoration. Antioxidant action of Helthion scavenges free radicals and its immuno-modulatory activity enhances body immunity. Helthion rejuvenates entire body system and increases physical capacity.

Direction Of Use

Children                 –           1 teaspoonful three times a day
Adult                     –            2 teaspoonful three times a day


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Honey- Multiflora

Called as nature’s natural antibiotic, Jiwadaya honey possess antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory properties.

1) Made by the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers, Jiwadaya honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria.

2) Jiwadaya honey can be used as a co-medicine or vehicle(Anypaan), mixed thoroughly with the other medicines so as to carry the properties of primary/parent medicine deep into tissues of body or organ (सूक्ष्म मार्गानुसरी )in short span of time.

3) It also can be taken as a single medicine to treat medical ailments! Surprising! But it is true.

4) It is natural & effective cough suppressant thus helps with coughs & throat irritation.

5) Jiwadaya Honey scrub out the sticky mucous from air way so as to help in its expectoration out of the body through mouth. Thus it sooths the linings of air way thereby relives cough and hence it is very much helpful in cold and rainy days.

6) In rainy season, just like nature, body is full with watery wastage/slough. Honey being astringent, laghu(light) natured, dries the excessive, waste watery part of our body. Hence Jiwadaya honey can be mixed in regular drinking water and then consumed in rainy days to maintain health. Even ancient texts support the use of honey in rainy days-पिबेत्  क्षौद्रांवितम्  I चरक सूत्र. अध्य.६/३९(reference of charak Samhita, sutrasthaan)

7) Research shows that honey helps reduces ulcers & other bacterial gastrointestinal disorders.

8) Jiwadya Honey is loaded with nutrients, anti-oxidants, flavonoids and healing compounds.

9) It increases athletic performance and is superior in maintaining glycogen levels and improving recovery time than other sweeteners.


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Jiwadaya Tej Pushpi


  1. A daily health tonic for general anxiety, disorders and stress related anxiety.
  2. Memory  disturbances
  3. Attention  fluctuations
  4. Concentration impairment
  5. Mental fatigue
  6. Supportive therapy to behavioural disorders
    • Asocial behaviour
    • Temper tantrums
    • Aggressive behaviour

Direction Of Use

Children (5 – 10 years of age)   :      ½ – 1 teaspoonful two times a day
Children (above 10 years of age) :    1 – 2 teaspoonful two times a day
Adult                                                 :      2 – 3 teaspoonful two times a day

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  1. Liver Tonic
  2. Digestive
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