Jiwadaya Clinic Free Consultation

Jiwadaya Clinic, Ghatkopar, holding FREE CONSULTATION CAMP!

Jiwadaya Clinic at Ghatkopar west, an authentic and holistic Ayurvedic centre, provides traditional diagnostic methods e.g.Nadi Pariksha etc. Nadi Pariksha or Pulse examination is an aceint science that deals with identifying vitiated doshas like Vata/Pitta or Kapha through nadi/pulse touching and thereby deciding the treatment plan. Along with such ancient culture, there is a fusion of modern techniques under one roof of Jiwadaya clinic, inorder to serve Mankind. Free consultation is available on every Friday, between morning 10am to evening 4pm at this clinic. Doctors visiting on honorary basis are eminent vaidyas specialized in their field like Nadi-pariksha, Mudras, Yoga etc. Click here for list of visiting faculty of doctors at Jiwadaya Clinic, Ghatkopar.