Nadi Pariksha Camp

17 Nov

Jiwadaya Clinic (a chain of Ayurvedic Healthcare Clinics) is a part of Jiwadaya Netraprabha Company, holds Nadi Pariksha camp periodically for the benefit of patients suffering from various diseases.

Jiwadaya’s one of earlier clinics is located in a well suited environment of Ghatkopar west. It is built in an area of 700 square feet having spacious waiting room for 15-20 patients at a time.  Inside is air conditioned cabin, of nearly 100 to 120 square feet for consultation, well-equipped with examination table, sitting arrangements, weighing machine, blood pressure measuring instruments, BMI measuring instrument etc. Jiwadaya Clinic at Ghatkopar avails consultation by eminent vaidyas like Vaidya Rajan Patankar, B.A.M.S., having 28 yrs. of clinical experience, specialist in Sukshma-aushadhi practise; Vaidya Santosh kadam, B.A.M.S., senior pulse examiner; Vaidya Nandu Chauhan, B.A.M.S., pulse examiner; Vaidya Dushyant Sudam Keny, B.A.M.S., M.D., skin and hair disease specialist.

Jiwadaya Clinic has been holding nadiparisha (pulse examination) camps, every month along with periodical health camps too! Patients visiting the clinic have got satisfied with the service provided. Co-operative staff and expert doctors ensure result oriented treatment! Many patients with skeleto-muscular disorders, skin diseases, Obesity, Gastritis, Alimentary canal diseases like gastritis, constipation etc. have got promising results.


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