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1923, Vaidyaraj (Practitioner of Ayurveda) Ramdas Shah while serving at a humanitarian organization came to appreciate “the eye” and thereby the importance of sight and vision and decided to develop a remedy that would preserve the vision till the life of the beholder and even beyond. He envisioned developing such a remedy that could be made with easily available ingredients and was eventually economical so that even the common man for whom the importance of the eye is even more, would be able to use it regularly.


Over the next several years he researched the Ayurvedic texts for Ayurvedic treatment and experimented with various natural herbal remedies and eventually in 1930 formulated one product which for years to come would severe as a boon to the eyes of millions and named it Jiwadaya Netraprabha. Jiwadaya Netraprabha has become a household name over decades. Later he dedicated his life and channelized all his resources such that he could cure the ill and preserve the health of the healthy and while doing so cause no untoward reactions to occur. These were nothing but the principles of Ayurveda which state that a pure medicine is one which will bring relief from a suffering without causing any untoward action. These principles have been passed on through generations at Jiwadaya, and today this family owned organization is run professionally and has remained dedicated to innovative research and development in the field of Ayurveda using the latest technology and equipment.

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