Beat the heat, stay healthy.

26 Apr

Summer is set, finally. With the heat and humidity rising each day, you crave for cool surroundings. Aha! You miss winter, right? But, seasons play their role quite efficiently. You overcame the transition from winter to summer and you need to ensure preserving your health with that same efficiency.

During summer, failing to understand the impact of heat and humidity on your body, exposes you to potential health issues.

Summer calls for altering daily routine, diet, exercising and habits that influence physical and mental health.

It’s the third week of April and the season will peak in the next few days. It is time to prepare for hot, humid days, and enjoy the season to the fullest. Given below are 5 tips to help you prepare. The tips will help you avoid summer related ailments so that you stay healthy and happy.

  • Water, water, water: Summer can drain you externally as well as internally so it is important to drink a lot of water or fluids during the day. Water and fluids help you stay hydrated and safe from heatstroke or sunstroke.
  • Eat light, eat right: Avoid foods that have large amounts of carbohydrates and fats, they increase heat in the body. Eat fruits and vegetables with high water content such as oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, etc.
  • Sleep well: Hot and humid weather severely affect your sleep pattern. Although air conditioners have lessened discomfort, the absence of good night sleep can make you feel tired and stressed.
  • Watch the clothing: Wear light-colored, preferably cotton clothing. Cotton is effective in beating the heat. Avoid silk, linen, synthetic, and skin-hugging clothes. They add to your discomfort during hot days.
  • Keep infections away: During summer, you may suffer from common ailments like cold, sore throat, or viral infections due to heat, pollen, and dust. Safeguard yourself by applying herbal balm which will help you keep infections away.

Lastly, summer isn’t just equal to heat and humidity, sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Exercising, playing a sport, or eating breakfast outdoors in the morning will help you gain Vitamin D, naturally. It is the best way to stay fresh and rejuvenated for the whole day.

Follow the above simple tips and we assure you, you won’t feel summer heat taking toll of your health.

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