Effects of a Cough on Productivity

28 Sep

The minutest change in season, especially after monsoon triggers health issues for all ages, may it be children or the aged. The variation in temperature and wind from high to low leads to common diseases such as fever, respiratory problems, infection in the eyes, body aches, and other health concerns.

It is a generally believed, anyone with low resistance power is the first one to get affected due to seasonal change. Of course, a potent defense mechanism of the body prevents diseases from entering the body and making it sick.

But, looking at the lifestyle a common man lives, especially in megacities and metros, the chance of maintaining a strong immunity is quite less. Hectic work schedules, extended school hours, traffic, pollution, and eating habits are responsible for poor immunity.

One such common ailment that strikes most of us is the respiratory disorder or simply put – a COUGH and COMMON COLD. The humid, dry, and the polluted air causes throat infection, eventually choking the lungs. A sore and itchy throat is the first stage of developing a cold and a cough.

So how does a cough affect your productivity?

Nasal congestion, sore and itchy throat, constant coughing makes you feel demotivated. This situation is the most common cause of missing work or school.

Even if you make it to your workplace, you may not be able to perform at your best. Kids attending school cannot concentrate on their classes and may have to return home early, followed by absenteeism.

Treating the viral infection with medicines hinder your daily life because most drugs are sleep-inducing.

Besides affecting productivity, common cold and a cough are highly contagious, you risk passing the virus to others.  

What is the way out?

In fact, there’s no reason to suffer from a cough or cold, provided you take due care before the season changes. Try and strengthen your resistance by making necessary changes in your eating habits. Eat fruits rich in vitamins. Include fibrous foods in your daily intake. Avoid roadside food and cold water or beverages and alcohol. Drink normal water as far as possible.

We are sure, by following the above tips you will protect yourself from falling sick, lead a healthy and productive life.

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