Vision is a gift of God!

It is in our hands how we take care of our eyes. All the while that our eyes are open, they are performing the visual function. Only when we close our eyes do they get rest.
In today’s world in fact we are overusing our eyes to the extreme limits! Forget adults, even the children are not away from this.Television,Computers,Mobiles are all a cause of ruining our vision. Doesn’t mean that we stop using all these modern age gadgets but it should be in control. As we overtire our eyes we suffer from redness,irritation,watering,pricking of our eyes.
So what is the solution??
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First is limit your usage of these electrical gadgets. Secondly you can use some eye medicine for your eyes which would relieve you from all various symptoms like swelling, itching, redness, dry eye syndrome, foreign body sensation etc. The ayurvedic medicine for these symptoms is Jiwadaya Netraprabha. Though it causes burning when you instill the drops but the end result is relief from all your symptoms.Hence just bear a little pain and get a handsome gain!!

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