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Protect Your Eyes This Summer!

Every season affects our eyes in some way or the other. Common eye problems that people face when the temperature starts soaring high are allergies, red eyes, conjunctivitis, and migraines. Protection and proper eye hygiene can help keep these summer problems at bay.

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Not a big reason to worry, you can still have fun in summers, just follow some of the precautionary steps listed below:-

  1. Use ultraviolet protective wraparound sunglasses that absorb at least 99% of the UVA and UVB light. This will prevent migraines and long term eye diseases such as cataract. The larger the glares the better cover they provide.


  1. While glasses are a good first UV barrier, a large hat will give you the extra defense you need to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

  2. Drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water each day will not only keep your skin hydrated but will also ensure that your eyes are moist and hydrated as well.
  1. If you are going for a swim in a pool, make sure you wear swimming goggles to ensure you do not catch conjunctivitis.

  1. Do not rub your eyes with unclean hands, especially if you are outdoors and in public places or if you have sweaty hands. This way you can protect yourself from allergies and infections in your eyes.

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  1. Do not splash water inside your eyes. This washes away the tear film which is actually a protective layer. Rinse your eyes only if there is a foreign particle like dust in your eyes. You can also use products like Jiwadaya Netraprabha which are ayurvedic eye drops for swelling, irritation, and redness of the eyes.

Jiwadaya Netraprabha

  1. Always wash your hands and face once you get back home to prevent dust and grime from entering your eyes and causing allergies and infections.

Eye Care – An Ayurvedic Way

Eye care is precisely described in Ayurvedic scripture and folk practitioners have been prescribing a lot of herbal and natural remedies to keep your eyes bright, sharp and healthy. Let’s see what Ayurveda has to say about eye’s care.


According to Ayurveda, the organ of eye is made of tej mahabhoot mainly. It means, it is the icon of fire principle in the body”. While in modern times, eyes are exposed to dirt, pollutants and other harmful substances, it is very important to take care of eyes since it is the most delicate part of our body. Here are some of the important tips to take care of your eyes to keep them healthier.

Tip #1: Blink eyes frequently. Blinking will keep your eyes lubricated with natural tears that are produced from the lacrimal glands. Dry eyes invite a lot of health issues and thus, blinking frequently keeps this problem at bay.

Tip #2: Don’t look at screens and monitors for longer duration. After certain period of time, look at farther things. This will make your eye muscles work better and your pupils practice focusing and de-focusing.

Tip #3: Rotate eyeballs three or four times in a day. Use the maximum orbit and rotate your eyeballs all around. This strengthens your eye muscles that in turn, keep eyes healthy and strong.

Tip #4: Tarpan method is said to be the best for eyes. It is a part of panchakarma, the cleansing process of the body as mentioned in ancient scriptures of Ayurveda such as Charaka Samhita, Sushrut Samhita and Ashtang Hridaya. In this, the eyes are surrounded by the walls of dough and then ghee is poured to fill the dough-made well. The Ayurvedic practitioner asks you to blink your eyes for certain number of times letting the medicated ghee go into the eyes. This nourishes the eyes and keeps eye ailments at bay, according to Ayurveda

Tip #5: Yoga such as Shirshasana helps keeping eyes healthy. The upside down pose (shirshasana) supplies the eyes with needed blood and so also oxygen and nutrients. The blood flows easily due to gravitational force and thus eyes remain healthy and bright.

Tip #6: Palming helps as it is practiced and advised by Ayurvedic experts. Putting palms on the eyes and gently pressing them and releasing works. Do not try hard. This strengthens the eye muscles and works as the best eye care in Ayurvedic way.

Tip #7: Certain Ayurvedic medicines with powerful formula work as the best eye care in Ayurveda. Jiwadaya Netraprabha is one of such potent Ayurvedic medicines that contains time tested and trusted herbs such as Amalaki, Kapoor and Madhu. These ingredients are separately described in Ayurvedic scriptures such as Dravyaguna. They possess great eye-caring properties and maintain the health of eyes.

With little care, you can take care of your eyes in an Ayurvedic way which is quite natural and benefiting.