Tips to keep your eyes healthy during winter

Most of the people during winters tend to worry about being warm rather than take care of their eyes. Eye irritation and injury are common during this season. Many times we do not realize that due to a sudden drop in the temperatures can pose a big threat to our eyes. We feel that eye care is not essential during winters and it should be considered during the summer and monsoon season. It is to be understood that the sun’s influence remains throughout the year and winter is no different. Due to the exposure to the UV rays can pose temporary harm to the eyes and this why eye care is essential. The cold wind and dry air can cause irritation to the eyes when you are especially outdoors.


These are some of the following tips that you can keep in your mind:-

Keep your eyes moist

Heart or air that is coming from coming from a heater can cause irritation to the eye. It can be painful for those people who are already suffering from dry eye syndrome, a chronic condition in which the eyes do not produce enough tears. Try sitting farther away from heat sources and use ayurvedic eye drops for swelling, irritation, redness etc of eyes.


Take a break from electronic devices

Lots of people spend most of their workday staring at a computer screen which normally leads to Computer Vision Syndrome . And when you add the winter into the cold mix, most of us are going to be bundled up inside the front of the tv or on our phones. While this may keep you warm, looking at electronics for a longer period may cause you to blink less. That is why practice the 20-20-20 rule, where every 20 minutes you look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It can help you to reduce the digital eye strain and keep your vision from deteriorating in the future.

With these simple strategies, you can ensure that your eyes are protected and you can enjoy winter to the fullest.

How To Prevent Dandruff In Winter?

Winter is that time of the year when the temperature drops down and it starts affecting your health in many ways. The skin starts to become drier and dead skin cells start to appear. The drying is not just limited to the skin, it affects the scalp as well. The dead cells from the scalp will start to form tiny flakes which become a perfect bed for dandruff to fall. Utmost care needs to give to you hair by following this anti-dandruff regime to ensure that dandruff does not make their home in your head.


Effective remedies to prevent dandruff

To begin with, you can use a moisturizing conditioner. It is important that you maintain enough moisture on the scalp so that it does not get dry and itchy. There is an option for going herbal as well but that needs to be taken into consideration as it can cause allergies.

Tea tree oil Products

These conditioners, shampoos are made out of tea tree oil and work tremendously well to restore the moisture of the scalp and prevent dandruff. One can massage in some tree oil onto the scalp twice a week and see improvement.

Vitamin B and Zinc


An adequate amount these two in your diet is of great importance to keep good scalp of your hair. These are usually found in walnuts, eggs, leafy vegetables etc.  if you are not too fond of green vegetables then you can make your own salad with some mayonnaise and mustard on it to make it a delight.

With the above tips kept in mind, you can easily prevent dandruff and have that gorgeous and strong hair to stand apart from rest of the crowd.

Essential oily skin care tips for the monsoons

Monsoon brings plenty of water to relieve us of the heat. When humidity during monsoon is at its peak, our sweat mixes with oil deposits on our skin. Precisely why your skin looks dull and lifeless, as oil and water don’t mix and their contrasting natures is what can make monsoon a mess for your skin. So, what would you do if you had an oily skin? Here are some tips that’ll help you get a clear skin:

  1. Cleanse your skin at least 3 times a day to remove excess grime and oil that can clog your pores.

  2. Wash your face with hot water to dissolve all the excess oil on your skin

  3. Use a nourishing moisturizer to keep your skin moist.

  4. Make a paste using Besan, Milk, Lemon and Honey. Apply the same on your face.

  5. Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses throughout the day. Humidity can make you sweat a lot and skin that doesn’t have enough moisture can look pale and dull.

  6. Apply ice once or twice a day or carry wet tissues to keep your skin moist

  7. Don’t shower with steaming hot water. It will make your skin capillaries weak and cause skin damage.

  8. Apply toothpaste on unwanted pimples, which will help in killing the bacteria, drying out the pus and reducing infection.

  9. Avoid heavy makeup during monsoon to avoid dirt and infections, to which the skin is most vulnerable

  10. Use natural face packs prepared with Banana, Orange, Lemon and Multani Mitti to avoid oily skin


Now you’ve learned the tricks you don’t need to let your oily skin stop you from relishing the rains! A good skin regime along with healthy practices will make sure your skin is always glowing.

Effective home remedies to maintain healthy hair in monsoon

As much as we like to spread our hands, look up and feel the drops of rain on our skin, the aftereffects of rain water on hair kills often the joy. Rain water is both acidic and dirty which directly impacts hair quality. However, some simple care and remedies should not stop us from enjoying a romantic drizzle?

While it sounds simple and obvious, you will be surprised how many times we forget to carry a good head gear to protect our hair – a rain jacket with a hood, an umbrella or carry a thick material duppatta or scarf. Having said that, we all get caught off-guard in rains at times.


Hence, soon after a wet spell walk into the shower and give your hair and scalp a good scrub and wash. As a routine, during monsoon, shampoo your hair twice a week.  But, remember to use a mild shampoo and conditioner. It is extremely important that during the days of downpour you keep away from harsh chemicals or hair styling products like hairsprays. These products tend to suck away the moisture from hair and leave it further dry and brittle.

After a good wash, comes the task of drying hair when the air outside is so humid. The tendency will be to plug in the dryer, but resist! Go traditional. Use a thick towel to blot the water and separate your strands with the fingers. Repeat till it air dries. If you have to use a dryer, keep it to the minimal. However, it is important that you don’t leave the hair moist for too long as a humid scalp is susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections.

Here’s a quick tip for all seasons, especially in the monsoon. When detangling your strands, use a large-toothed comb; and if you find a wooden comb that is even better!


While excess humidity in the air, your hair unfortunately becomes dry. Hence, it is equally important to hydrate your hair with a good traditional oil massage. Give the dry hair a natural boost of oil moisture to revitalize it. For deep conditioning, wrap the oiled hair with a hot towel.  A quick tip: always detangle and comb your hair gently after a good massage, this leads to lesser trouble when detangling after a shampoo.

Itchy scalp is another result of dandruff or infections cause by the remnants of the rain water. Applying Neem oil in such cases helps maintain a healthy scalp.


And, last but not the least do as much to protect from the inside; that means taking care of your diet during this season. You hair needs all the protein to strengthen its follicles and prevent hair fall so ensure a diet rich with proteins, iron and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Ayurveda To Rescue Your Hair Fall

Going through the Hair Fall phase is very troublesome and can signify ill treatment of your hair specially in modern times. Everyone has a particular amount of hair fall but you need to keep a check on those extra hair you lose. Ayurveda believes that hair fall is directly associated with your body type and stability of your mental health. The reasons for hair fall are many but overcoming hair fall through ayurvedic treatments can treat your hair and reduce the amount of hair fall. The common causes of hair fall include hormonal and nutritional deficiencies. Everybody wants healthy and lustrous hair and Ayurveda helps you to get those perfect hair and rescues your hair fall problems. Ayurveda combines all power packed remedies to help you gain control of those extra hair you lose.


Follow a health pack diet

Reconsider your diet and cut down the intake of food that is high in spice. Avoiding fried and refined food is highly advisable. Include a diet that is rich in proteins and fibre. Regular intake of water is also very important as it not only keep the skin healthy but also makes the root of the hair stronger.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress plays as a major factor when it comes to hair fall. The amount of stress you take in directly related to the increase in your hair fall. Try keeping your stress level low by including yoga, breathing exercises and meditation in your daily regimen.


Nourish your hair with Head massage

Taking good care of your hair plays a partially important role in saving you from losing your hair. Giving your hair a nice oil massage helps to restore the natural moisture of your hair and also enriches the hair root with nourishment. Apart from head massages, the general hair care also plays a vital role.

Take Charge Of Your Health With Ayurveda

Ayurveda, an ancient system of treating illness and keeping your body healthy, centers on maintaining the balance between body and mind to keep it healthy throughout different lifestyle practices. Ancient teachings comprising to have a balanced diet in order to lead a healthy life is prevalent in today’s time as the fast moving lifestyle of people has made it almost impossible to cope up and take a look at the deteriorating lifestyles of people. Taking charge of your health with the help of Ayurveda is predominant and plays a dominant role in keeps your Doshas in balance.

Oil your Body

Massaging your body with ayurvedic oils brings an immediate aid to the body as it not only improves the skin texture but also improves sleep and allows your doshas to come in balance. Oiling the body also benefits your mental stability and helps to reduce stress. Application of oil also works as an antidote as it penetrates well allowing the body to release toxins and relax.


Consuming warm and fresh food
When there is much stress in your life, it shuts down the functioning of the digestive system. When food is fresh and warm, it is easier to digest it. Fresh flavours of the food are much satisfying and healthy as they do not have preservatives in them. Consuming warm and fresh food on daily basis allows and helps your digestive system to functioning in a chronological order, avoiding digestive disturbances.

sodium fresh foods

Meditate to improve Mental health
Performing meditation reduces your stress busters and keeps your mental health in a balanced position. Meditation gives your mind complete nourishment and a deeper relaxation too. It is much emphasized that through meditation, there is synchronization of the left and right hemisphere of the brain that helps to work better, creating a calm and happy aura.


Preventing Pimples – An Ayurvedic Cure

Has it ever happened to you, that you are super excited about a party you’ve to attend and suddenly don’t feel like going? All because of a tiny-tiny pimple you’ve developed overnight and it sits on your face, visible to all and a perfect mood spoiler.


Ayurveda is a complete solution for curing all skin problems and is responsible for the rejuvenation and beautifying of the skin. Ayurvedic treatments work as a charisma to prevent the effects of external conditions and health problems to protect your skin and uplift its beauty aspects.


Pimples have a higher tendency to appear on the face, but it is common to have them on the neck, back and shoulders. The main reason for pimple eruption is the excessive secretion of sebum produced by the sebaceous gland that is responsible to keep the skin moist.


You can discover ample of treatments that promise to help cure your pimple problems, but it is very important to choose extremely effective and safe treatments. Manjistoprot, is a blend of 5 ayurvedic herbs that helps cure skin ailments. Being an excellent blood purifier, the herbs present reduce the body heat which in turn reduces the chances of having pimple in the first place. Its blood purifying properties cure boils and chronic skin eruptions and also contain bitter principles. An ideal purifier, Manjistoprot possess antibacterial, antiseptic and  antimicrobial properties that relieves infectious disorders of pimples and prevents their further development.

Although there are different types of pimples, depending upon their level of severity, they remain a prevalent problem mostly in teenagers. Both men and women are constantly concerned with the beauty aspect of their well lived life. Ayurveda offers beauty therapies that transform body and mind to the most auspicious degree. The skin remains in the perfect form when it’s protected from hard conditions and certain diseases. Skin oughts to dry and wrinkle and Manjistoprot helps you to beautify your looks and style to the most adorable form.

How to keep your tummy happy?

Once you’ve completed your meal, you don’t think much about it. But once you push yourself away from the table, you feel the world’s weight in your tummy. It’s only later that you realize that your tummy is upset due to reasons like over eating or indigestion. The truth to be told is that the extremely common gastrointestinal distress is not so normal. It’s your body’s way of telling you that your digestive system is not functioning the way it should. But the good news is that all your belly complaints can now be resolved with the help of Antaj as it helps you to banish the bloat and overall supports your tummy’s health.


Antaj keeps your digestive tract free from ailments and increases the immunity of your system. Now forget about heartburns and acidity issues and get get rid of all your belly complaints! It dwells properties that neutralize the acid in the stomach, thus shielding the gastric mucosa. The blend of healing herbs present in Antaj are responsible to provide a quick relief from all tummy ailments. Be it Flatulence, Hyperacidity, Dyspepsia or Gastritis, Antaj helps in improving the digestion and the mix of herbs act as a protector and provide a thin lining that safeguards the stomach from harmful effects of the stomach acid.

Antaj 3

The different herbs carry a unique property that protect the stomach against acids that disrupt the normal functioning of the digestive system. The bitter and sweet taste of these herbs help to soothe the stomach lining and also help to break the formation of excessive sour bile in the stomach. Antaj being liquid in its formulation is easy to consume and allows fast absorption.

Your mouth is the initial place where the digestion begins and the saliva is the first step towards the digestive process. You can avoid indigestion by thoroughly chewing your food as it breaks down and easily gets processed during digestion, providing energy and dodging bloating!

Treating your eyes right with Netraprabha

Everyone around wants a healthy eyesight and predominantly healthy pair of eyes. Eyes are one of the most precious parts of the body and maintaining their liveliness is essential to carry out a healthy life.

Treating your eyes with Jiwadaya Netraprabha has a long lasting and far reaching effect on the health of your eyes and helps you to preserve your eyesight into your golden years.

Over the years, there has been a preposterous rise in the level of pollutants that are scattered in the air and gives rise to a number of eye infections and problems that have varied complications. From simple eye irritation to severe eye allergies, if these complications are not treated properly in time, it can lead to corneal problems that affect the vision. Apart from air pollutants, straining the eyes more than required also has an adverse affect on the eyes. Straining the eyes is one of the major danger that we pose to our eyes by overworking them leading to a range of different eye problems.


Eyes are a sensitive part of the body and it is necessary to sustain and retain the natural vision and strengthen the muscles of the eye.

Jiwadaya Netraprabha is an ideal eye drop that provides nourishment to the tissues of the eyes and rejuvenates them to stay healthy and bright for years. You no longer need to worry about its after effects as it is prepared from natural herbs that are known to keep the eye sight clean and gives them a multi dimensional effect. Not only does it rejuvenate the tissues present in the eyes but  is also proved helpful for eye disorders like infections and inflammation. By stimulating production of natural tears, Netraprabha provides an essential cleansing to the eye and ensures that they remain moist and healthy to carry out the functions of creating images properly.


Apart from the benefits of using Jiwadaya Netraprabha, one needs to take proper care of the eyes by following a proper diet and protecting the eyes from harmful environment. Excessive exposure to sunlight may damage the tissues of the eyes leading to several disorders, threatening vision too. Similarly, not following a healthy diet will deprive the eyes of certain proteins and vitamins it requires to maintain healthy eyes.

Say No To Gastric Troubles With Antaj!

Gastric troubles happen when the intake of food has excess content of spices which cause the stomach to burn.  The immediate mastication of food helps to begin the digestive process but then one has to extra cautious when the bolus passes through the oesophagus or rather the food pipe. If the acid in the bowel doesn’t break this down and leaks, it causes Gastritis.


Indigestion is improper content of food not improper digestion

As it is said in Ayurveda, the Pittas have to be controlled by Human body.  Like the fire pitta is responsible to break down the masticate food in the process of digestion.  While Pachan Pitta takes care of the gastrointestinal tract’s functionaries.

The improper digestion occurs because of the wrong choice of food.  The wrong combination of elements and mixtures of your food is responsible for the scratches towards the inner digestive tract. This causes uneven passing of the bolus and disturbs the acidic secretions within and needs sooner indigestion treatment.

This in turn violates the Pachan (Digestion) resulting into Gastritis! Any ayurvedic medicine for acidity should work but the effectiveness is not promising, always.


Don’t leave Gastritis Untreated. Never

When here the excess secretion of acid is occurring, there on the other side the peptic ulcer is continuously getting degenerated because of the peptic acids. This may accelerate and cause bleeding into the stomach cavity which results into blood vomits. The stomach bloating gas is also a major concern which surfaces along.

Just don’t get away with swallowing ‘some’ ayurvedic medicine for gas. Do not make an excuse for treating Gastritis when you have Antaj to rescue, the best ayurvedic medicine for Gastritis.  This tonic is a mere cure for Gastritis that helps in easing the pain, heartburn as well as dizziness caused by it.

Why Antaj? How Can you Trust This for Gastritis?

Antaj contains the richness of Shunti, Kali Draksha, and Amla that provides the Vitamin needed for the body while curing.

Antaj also has Agravadha,  Karat-tikta that takes care of the acidity and indigestion troubles caused by Gastritis along with the treatment of heartburn.

Antaj also has the proud and uniquely combining substances like Khajur,  Shatavari, Yashtimadu as well as Guduchi that creates a protection perfect enough,  around the gastric mucosa, for not getting it affected by acid which may damage the stomach cells.

Antaj – The Syrup that Cures

The ayurvedic contents of Antaj is really priceless.  The quick heal effect which the customers have,  the instant relief from heartburn has pointed out Antaj to be a confident and really effective formulation that is available in the form of syrup. The use of Antaj on a regular basis does help you from the exodus of acids that fight within your stomach on an hourly basis.

The belief in Antaj has set since years because of its faster absorption resulting into a faster recovery.