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Home-made remedies for an Ayurvedic Cleanse

Home-madeIn today’s day and age, it is impossible to avoid getting exposed to external pollutants in our society. Ayurveda states that the body not only has to digest food but rather through the skin,has to digest everything that a person is exposed to,right from the emotions, thoughts, sounds, sights, smell, etc.Every individual experiences imbalance in his or her health due to blocked channels in body which is a result of toxic build up in body.There are a number of physical signs that show you this built up.They include,foul breath,odor or stool odor, thick coating on tongue, body ache, sleeplessness and many more.

The Ayurvedic cleanse process acts a natural detoxifying process that helps to remove the toxins built up in the body and focuses on improving this digestive imbalance or fire in the body that helps the body feel strong and relaxed.

A full body cleanse process should always be carried out under supervision of an Ayurvedic practitioner, however, an easier home cleanse can provide rejuvenating benefits to the body. This food-based cleanse involves homemade remedies and ingredients which are easily available at home. Some of the home made remedies for Ayurvedic cleanse and detoxification are:

1. Green Smoothies: They include green vegetables that contain chlorophyll. It is one of the most common ways to cleanse your body that helps in removing harmful toxins from your body. It provides a number of minerals and vitamins which help get rid of harmful heavy metals from the body. They provide energy to the body and boost metabolism of the individual.

2. Raw Juices: To remove harmful toxins from your body, it is important to have juices of raw fruits and vegetables like that of carrot, beets, cucumber, lettuce, etc.. As they contain chlorophyll, It helps in nourishing the body and remove cancer related toxins. It also helps you boost your energy and immune system. A glass of raw juice 2-3 times a day can help cleanse your body to a great extent.

3. Lemons : As lemon is a strong alkalizer and cleanser, it helps to detoxify body by  stimulating bile production in liver and helping boost mineral intake in body.Lemons help strengthen the immune system due to its antioxidant and Vitamin C contents. Further, its peels helps in removing toxic compounds from the body.

4. Epsom Salt Bath: To cleanse your body and to detoxify the body cells, it is important to increase the magnesium level of the body which can be carried out by taking the Epsom salt bath. It further helps to get rid of body aches and other pain in your body.

5. Green Tea: Green Tea contains important antioxidants that help in protecting liver from the damage of various harmful toxins. It helps to cleanse the body and detoxify radicals. Further drinking green tea regularly also helps in reducing weight, controlling hair loss and improve body metabolism. Minimum 2-3 cups of green tea should be consumed per day.

6. Oil Pulling: This technique has to be carried out in the early morning, even before brushing your teeth. It helps to naturally detoxify and cleanse the deep tissues of the body. Also, as oil is used, it has antimicrobial effects on the body that helps in getting rid of toothache, gum disease and bad breathe.

7. Dandelion Root: Tea made from Dandelion roots helps to cleanse and detoxify the body due to its diuretic properties. It is also an important liver detoxifier that also helps cleanse the kidneys and the bladder along with relieving problems like constipation. It further contains vitamin B,calcium and other important nutrients that help cleanse the body.

8. Licorice Root (Jethimadh) : Tea made from Licorice root is a great drink to detoxify and cleanse your body. It helps to cut the cravings of sugar and has anti inflammatory,anti allergic,antioxidant properties that help boost your immune system and helps soothe your body.

9. Stinging Nettles: This herb is a great detoxifier for the blood in the body. It stimulates the lymphatic system of body and is rich in magnesium,iron,potassium and chlorophyll along with other important vitamins like A,B,C and D that helps to eliminate inflammatory wastes of the body.

10. Turmeric: Turmeric has great healing and medicinal properties that helps cleanse and detoxify the liver and other body parts.It is also benefitial for lungs and helps in purifying the blood. It further has has antioxidants that have anti inflammatory effects on body.

Along with the remedies mentioned above, to maintain a healthy body, it is very important for the person to improve his own lifestyle pattern and diet. For example, a diet rich in fibre helps to build up intestinal buildup and toxins. other important ways to reduce the toxic waste of the body include staying away from cigarettes, alcohol,caffeine and other saturated fats. Further, Yoga, meditation and deep breathing are other important ayurvedic ways that helps cleanse your body and feel rejuvenated.