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Marathon Season is here. Tips to avoid post-marathon aches & pains

thumbThe Marathon season is here and you must be participating in one or the other events in your town. While running keeps you healthier and this special sport is one of the best ways to keep you alive and kicking, there is something that might bother you once the event is over.Yes, we are not talking about the awesome benefits of running like a horse, but we are concerned about post-marathon issues. Here, we come up with tips to avoid post-marathon aches and pains.

Tip #1: Do not go for a post-marathon massage immediately after finishing the race. You should give a gap of minimum 2 hours for this. Some researchers have revealed that during heavy running, there is lactic acid build up in the muscles. The muscles
require some time to neutralize and to get back to its original pH. The post-event soreness and muscle damage is prevented by giving muscles the time to restore their original physiological state.

Tip #2: After you finish marathon, do not try with new stretches. Also, do not let anyone
stretch you out within 72 hours. Experts opine that your body’s soft tissues require time to get healed and thus, no stretching or straining is allowed.

Tip #3: Avoid taking a bath with hot water. A hot shower is said to contribute in inflaming
the already stressed muscles and joints. Most of the physiotherapists say that a cool shower or ice bath (adding ice-cubes to bathing water) helps cooling down the muscles and brings down the inflammation.

Tip #4: Once settled, have nice food. The meal is expected to have a well-balanced diet
which should include the main calories from carbohydrates. However, keep in mind that you must consume at least 20 percent of the total calories from food containing protein.

Tip #5: You can have massage for sore areas after two hours of having the race finished. Medical experts do favor massage to get rid of pain at various body sites. You
may apply some medicated liniment for better and quicker relief. Medicated liniment contains ingredients that serve as analgesics. Even preferable treatment is massaging the area with natural liniment that gets you the most powerful natural herbs at work. Knivitol Liniment Plus is one such product that helps you avoid further post-marathon aches and pains.

Tip #6: Avoid exposure to extreme dry cold. For instance, an air-conditioned room. Maintain normal temperature because coldness causes blood vessels to constrict and as a result of that, the muscles do not receive enough blood supply. This further
ends up in more pain and sprain.

Tip #7: Folk practitioners also recommend hot-packs for post-marathon aches and pain sites. According to Ayurveda, what works best on the pain is sudation which is
achieved by medicated steam.

By following these simple tips, you can avoid post-marathon aches and pains without having any complications.