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5 Tips To Prevent Joint Pain During Winter

With the temperature dipping and winters at its peak, the chances people suffering from various ailments is very high. Although viral infection, cold, and cough are some of the common health complications, this time of the year cold worsens pre-existing joint pain.


Joint pain can be easily prevented by following these simple steps:

Eat a healthy diet

A nutritious and healthy diet is the key to prevent any health complications. The simplest thing that you need to do is include vegetables, cereals, dairy products, seasonal fruits in your daily meals.

Induce in vitamin-rich foods

People who are suffering from generalized pain during winters are advised to consume foods that are rich in vitamins ( D, C, and K) and minerals, especially calcium. Rich foods like spinach, cabbage, tomatoes and oranges contain both vitamins and minerals. This is because these vitamins play an important role in the production of cartilage and tissue.

Exercise regularly

Stretching and exercise done with light weights are good for people who are suffering from joint pain. By doing so, you are easing the weight and relaxing the knees as well. Apart from this, cycling, walking, aerobics and swimming stretches the knee muscles and improve flexibility as well.

Avoid bathing in cold water

With cold weather and low temperature, the chances that one will experience a joint pain is high. Henceforth, it is advised that use warm water instead of cold water for baths instead. In addition to minimizing the joint pain, warm bath reduces the stiffness and soothes knee pain commonly seen in patients suffering from arthritis.

Bask in the sun

Start your day by making the most from the sun. Soaking in the sun in the morning or evening just does not stimulate the production of vitamin D but also improves blood circulation in the body.


Ayurvedic Care For Joint Pain

multiple-joint-painAccording to Ayurveda the aggravation of dosha and vata(air) leads to muscle and joint pain. The accumulation of ama (toxic produced in body due to indigestion) and aggravation of vata leads to this condition. In the body parts which are paining , this ama gets deposited making it more weaker.Therefore when the vata aggravates and simultaneously ama gets deposited in, it leads to amavata that is a disease that is highlighted by Joint pains.

One of the most common health complaints are that of Aching joints and body pain. They occur irrespective of age and can happen for numerous reasons.So just like me if you suffer from occassional joint or knee pain after long hours of work or after an hectic tiresome day, We have some advices that will surely bring a relief to this pain. I have tried each of these methods before and trust me it makes me feel better each day. However The best part of these remedies are that they require very little time and effort and even then yield amazing results.

Feast on Carrots: Did you know that for centuries in chinese medicine, carrots have been used as an effective and useful remedy for joint aches? A bowl full of grated carrot and a little squeezed lemon which is either eaten raw or steamed helps to nurture the ligaments and brings relief from aching joints.

Munch on Fenugreek seeds: This is one of the most famous remedies from my grandmother’s time for aching joints. The ancient Indian healers believed that fenugreek is warm in nature and hence it helps in healing joint pain.All You have to do is soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds overnight in water. In the morning u have to drain off the water and eat all the seeds. The seeds might taste bitter in the start however slowly it might sweeten as you chew.

Drink more water: The fact that drinking more water also helps to soften cartilage and keeps it hydrated is not known to a lot of people.However for maintaining adequate blood volume helping the nutrients to move freely in your blood and into your joints,drinking water is very important. It moves out the waste from your joints helping them less likely to ache.

Eat More Onions: Onions are one of the most famous anti inflammatory foods.Many studies reveal that fresh onions have an analgesic effect in them that is similar to morphine.They help improve your immune system due to the the phytochemical content in them. Onions have sulfur compounds that trigger the joint pain.
Massage the joint: To ease inflammation in body, relax muscles or improve the circulation, a gentle massage with warm oil gives best results.Massaging also helps give relief to your aching joints. Heating 2 tablespoon of mustard oil with one whole garlic clove is one of the most famous tried and tested household methods to get relief from body ache or joint pain. Massaging the aching body part with this oil helps to bring immediate relief.
So as described above, vata and ama are 2 main causes of aching joints. Therefore efforts should be made not only to digest ama but to also reduce the vata which helps relieve the pain and inflammation in body.It takes great amount of time to get rid of the accumulated ama and prevent this accumulation in future.However the above mentioned tips are the easiest line of treatment and cure to prevent aching joints and body pain according to Ayurveda. I hope you find them useful and equally relieving.

Pain Management Tactics: The Ayurveda Edition

multiple-joint-painOut of every 10 individuals, 4 suffer from chronic pain, often at a young age. This pain can become constant if overlooked. Ayurveda states that chronic pain is caused due to the energy imbalances which are formed due to factors like lack of hydration, improper postures, vague diet and other lifestyle habits.

Pain Management is further simplified and elucidated below:

  • Staying Hydrated: Humans have about 60% of water content in their body and the system is mainly dependent on water. Due to changes in weather it is important to stay hydrated all day and also at the time of exercising. Human body needs around 6 – 8 glasses  of water daily. Water not only hydrates the body and nourishes the cells and muscles which helps to carry out the impurities from the body, but also regulate body conditions in terms of temperature. Lubrication of body parts which is essential is also done by keeping the body hydrated.

  • Warming up with Yoga: Yoga is the positive way to connect yourself to the nature by balancing the body and mind. It is a type of exercise which is performed by balancing the body. It helps to get a control over the diet and breathing and also helps to reduce stress. Practising yoga for at least half an hour regularly can help avoid stress.

  • Turn Turmeric: Known as a powerful Antioxidant, turmeric targets dangerous free cardinals in the body and reduces the damage they cause to DNA and cells. It also has characteristics of Anti Inflammation. Turmeric is potent against congestive heart failure, degenerative pain, and other health problems related to inflammation.It reduces the risk of blood lump and averts the building up of plaque in the arteries that majorly fights against stroke and other lump related issues. It acts as a natural painkiller and also destroys cancerous cells taking birth. It is considered as one of the best treatment for skin problems, and it is a natural sterile which can be used to treat burns and cuts.

  • Exfoliate Pain with Massage: In the ayurvedic custom, regular oil massage is considered to be a highly effective form of healing from all sorts of ailments. Massage helps reduce pain as it alleviates joint and muscle stiffness, increases circulation, assembles toxins thereby relaxing the body. Simply give yourself an oil massage daily to get rid of regular body pains.

  • Follow Healthy Diet: Food is a powerful healer. Proper diet helps in maintaining proper health. Following a proper diet of tepid, mellow, nourishing foods makes a considerable difference in your body system. In order to get balanced nutrition and fit health, one should obtain the majority of daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and proteins as they help to maintain health.

Get back to the free, painless body by following these tips that help one’s body to overcome chronic pains.

Ayurveda not only shells out the treatment for ailments, but also ensures that the symptoms are extracted from within.

7 Benefits of Ginger that we never knew!

a-ginger-root-and-bowlNothing beats cold in the winter like a piping hot cup of ginger tea. With its high levels of Vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals, ginger root is extremely beneficial for health.

Here’s why you should have this spice that also belongs to the same family as cardamom and Turmeric.If you recall we did a section on benefits of Turmeric in our last edition !!

Health Benefits of Ginger

1. Respiratory problems -Ginger’s antihistamine property helps in treating allergies. It is also known to inhibit airway contraction and help stimulate the secretion of mucus. Hence it is the herb of choice for persistent cough and sore throat associated with colds.

2. Treating nausea and vomiting – Chewing on ginger could reduce nausea and vomiting. According to studies, ginger can treat sensations of nausea following surgery, and due to motion sickness, seasickness, etc. It is also beneficial for nausea as a result of adverse effect of chemotherapy.

3. Remedy for loss of appetite – Fuel a dull appetite by eating fresh ginger just before you have your meal. So for moms complaining about their kids poor appetite – instead of running to doctors and trying various things; try this one out ! Ginger can get their digestive juices going and increase appetite.

4. Aiding indigestion and an Anti-Flatulent- Had a large meal? Eat ginger. Ginger improves absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients and aids in digestion. It also helps break down the proteins in your food. Ginger protects your stomach against ulcers by promoting mucus secretion. Further, its carminative (gas expulsion) property provides relief from bloating and gas and helps reduce flatulence

5. Reduce menstrual pain- Ginger, when taken at the beginning of the menstrual period, can reduce symptoms of menstrual pain in some women. Here are some tried and tested tips to relieve menstrual pain.

6. Arthritis – The analgesic and anti-inflammatory property of ginger may help reduce joint pain of arthritis in some people. To help relieve muscle and joint ache, add some ginger oil into your bath.

7. Preventing morning sickness -Some pregnant women may find ginger beneficial in preventing their morning sickness. But it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking it. Read more about how you can deal with morning sickness.

Marathon Season is here. Tips to avoid post-marathon aches & pains

thumbThe Marathon season is here and you must be participating in one or the other events in your town. While running keeps you healthier and this special sport is one of the best ways to keep you alive and kicking, there is something that might bother you once the event is over.Yes, we are not talking about the awesome benefits of running like a horse, but we are concerned about post-marathon issues. Here, we come up with tips to avoid post-marathon aches and pains.

Tip #1: Do not go for a post-marathon massage immediately after finishing the race. You should give a gap of minimum 2 hours for this. Some researchers have revealed that during heavy running, there is lactic acid build up in the muscles. The muscles
require some time to neutralize and to get back to its original pH. The post-event soreness and muscle damage is prevented by giving muscles the time to restore their original physiological state.

Tip #2: After you finish marathon, do not try with new stretches. Also, do not let anyone
stretch you out within 72 hours. Experts opine that your body’s soft tissues require time to get healed and thus, no stretching or straining is allowed.

Tip #3: Avoid taking a bath with hot water. A hot shower is said to contribute in inflaming
the already stressed muscles and joints. Most of the physiotherapists say that a cool shower or ice bath (adding ice-cubes to bathing water) helps cooling down the muscles and brings down the inflammation.

Tip #4: Once settled, have nice food. The meal is expected to have a well-balanced diet
which should include the main calories from carbohydrates. However, keep in mind that you must consume at least 20 percent of the total calories from food containing protein.

Tip #5: You can have massage for sore areas after two hours of having the race finished. Medical experts do favor massage to get rid of pain at various body sites. You
may apply some medicated liniment for better and quicker relief. Medicated liniment contains ingredients that serve as analgesics. Even preferable treatment is massaging the area with natural liniment that gets you the most powerful natural herbs at work. Knivitol Liniment Plus is one such product that helps you avoid further post-marathon aches and pains.

Tip #6: Avoid exposure to extreme dry cold. For instance, an air-conditioned room. Maintain normal temperature because coldness causes blood vessels to constrict and as a result of that, the muscles do not receive enough blood supply. This further
ends up in more pain and sprain.

Tip #7: Folk practitioners also recommend hot-packs for post-marathon aches and pain sites. According to Ayurveda, what works best on the pain is sudation which is
achieved by medicated steam.

By following these simple tips, you can avoid post-marathon aches and pains without having any complications.