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Gastritis – An Ayurvedic Outlook

Gastritis is a condition in humans where the level of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach increases. It is secreted by the walls of the stomach whenever the bolus (mass of chewed food) passes through the Oesophagus and reaches your abdomen.

At times, due to intake of stringent food, the secretion of HCl boosts which causes inflammation of the mucus lining of the stomach.  Now, that is not supposed to be good news, as Gastritis just attacked you!


Your Symptoms Include:

Continuous hiccups, nausea which will end up into vomiting, dark stool because of bad indigestion as there is formation of stomach bloating gas within; with heartburn it also causes a major drop in the appetite and due to such a bad impact on your abdomen region you tend to experience a lot of pain.

As a part the treatment, ayurvedic medicine for acidity is adopted as one of the best treatment of heartburn. Following this ayurvedic course, let’s see what all one can do for early relief from heartburn.


The Right Medicines

-          Ash Gourd and Jaggery mixed together to boil and had in small portions will be a relief.

-          After your meal course, try chewing some good amount of Fennel Seeds which extracts out fennel oil which does wonders.

-          An ayurvedic medicine for gastritis which has never failed is; crush Ginger and add it to milk and water double the quantity. This will give an instant respite whatsoever.

-          Cumin Seeds can also be mashed (which oozes out cumin oil) and administered orally for better ways of dealing with gastritis.

-          An effective remedy also includes addition of Pepper Powder to Honey and a bit of water just to provide a dilution.

-          Before sleeping off at night, drink a glass of Buttermilk mixed with Fenugreek, Turmeric and Asafoetida which prove to be an incredible combination.

-          Drinking Coconut Water twice a day for a relief in heartburn is an idea to be implemented way too early.

-           Due to the rich source of Vitamin C, intake of like 6 to 7 grams of Amla along with 150mL of water is considered a good pacifier of the stomach bloating gas, relieving the person instantly from acid reflux.

-          A mixture of Ginger, Coriander and Snakeguard also makes a really good dosage for gastritis. If needed one can always add honey or sugar to it if the taste doesn’t seem right.

The Right Poses

-          Performing Suryanamaskar on a daily basis relieves the stomach from any kind of interruptions.

-          Sarvangasan also helps in stretching the abdomen muscles, making them healthy and flexible, hence easier the digestion.

Other asanas like Bhujangasana, Paschimottanasan, Vrajansa, Sitkari Pranaya and Naukasan are some yoga poses which would help your bruised stomach recover faster.

Ayurvedic Tips for Heart Diseases

heartFrom pumping blood to all parts of the body, recirculating deoxygenated blood and recirculating oxygenated blood, the heart plays an important role and is responsible for the proper functioning of all the other organs of the body. Hence, keeping the heart healthy and free from all ailments, there are certain tips that can help you keep your heart function perfect!

  • Nourishment: Your body demands proper nourishment for a healthy functioning heart. This is possible by avoiding certain food items and giving importance to food that is healthy for the heart. Salt/Sodium should be used in its minimal as it increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. You can add taste to your food by spicing it up with masalas and exotic herbs. Intake of food that is rich in fiber should be picked for a heart patient. Meals should be taken at proper intervals and a proper diet should be followed and maintained. Maintaining healthy body weight helps to keep heart diseases distant.
  • Increase Circulation: One needs to start increasing the blood circulation in the body, if undergoing heart problems. It is always recommended to increase your physical activity in a day. The human body requires to move every 45 minutes, so taking the stairs to work doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Regular exercise is also essential. Keeping the body hydrated allows the heart to pump blood to the vessels more easily, hence improving the activities of the muscle.
  • Reduce Blood fats and High cholesterol: A certain amount of Cholesterol is required by the body to function properly. When the body exceeds the limit of fats and cholesterol, it increases the chance of risk to the heart. These fats block the arteries. Fat gets deposited in the inner side of the wall, known as Plaque. Plaque is a combination of fats, cholesterol, proteins and scar like tissue. All of these blocks the arteries, causing congestion and heart failures.
  • Lifestyle: People who face heart issues, need to maintain a lifestyle that is good for their heart and does not result in any further heart problems. Change in the intake of food that is high in fats and cholesterol, avoiding smoking and reducing alcohol, taking up more physical activity are a few ways you can enhance your lifestyle to a better tomorrow!
  • Alleviate Stress: Managing your stress is vital. It is essential to control stress levels for the overall well being of the body and heart. Taking excessive stress may result in back pain, headaches or frequent abdominal pains. One needs to control the level of stress and needs to understand that taking stress over things that are not in control will just gear up the heart to land in a complicated situation which will in turn result in heart failures or attacks.