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This Monsoon Choose Ayurveda to Stay Healthy

According to Ayurveda, lifestyle and eating habits depending on the seasons is known as “Ritucharya”.

Monsoon – we all love this season because it relieves us from the scorching heat of summer. But this season is not free from causing infections and illnesses to us. Let’s check what are the effects of monsoon and its remedies.

This Monsoon Choose Ayurveda to Stay Healthy

Monsoon and its effect on your health

During monsoons, you feel heavy, sweaty, itchy, suffer from skin problems, feel weak and bloated. Also, lack of appetite causes an imbalanced digestive fire known as Jatharagni.

Ayurveda has some effective solutions to protect your health from the common monsoon illnesses. All you need to do is maintain a balance among the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

The impact on Tridosha

Among the three doshas Vata controls movements in the mind and the body. It controls blood flow, removal of waste, breathing, and emotions. During summer, Vata gets accumulated in the body and eventually it aggravates when monsoon starts.

Pitta controls the heat, digestion, and metabolism of the body and helps in maintaining a strong digestive system. Throughout monsoon, air is humid and it weakens the digestive system which results in several problems of the stomach.

Kapha controls the structure of the body and holds the cells together to form muscles, fats, bones, and strength. Moist and wet surroundings imbalance Kapha dosha, this affects the respiratory system which lead to problems like cough, cold, wheezing and other infections of the air passage.

Simple tips to maintain immunity to enjoy the season without falling ill.

  • Avoid sitting or sleeping on the floor since it aggravates Vata and can cause joint pain.

  • Keep your nails clean and well-trimmed to avoid fungal/bacterial infections.

  • Avoid sleeping after lunch to prevent digestion problems.

  • Change wet clothes immediately. This will save you from catching a cold.

  • Eat food that blocks Vata imbalance. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • Avoid consuming spicy food

  • Don’t have heavy meals.

  • Improve digestion by chewing a piece of fresh ginger with salt and few drops of lemon juice.

Ways to Stay Healthy This Monsoon

The monsoon is always a welcome change from the scorching summer heat, but they bring some unwelcome guests in the form of microbes and insects which need to be avoided at all costs. To stay healthy and happy in the rains, it is essential that we take certain precautions in the food we eat and the activities we perform.

Some tips to stay fit this rainy season are as follows:-

Ways to Stay Healthy This Monsoon

  1. Follow a Healthy Diet: It is important to maintain healthy eating habits in rainy season, which means that your favourite street food is off the menu. Preferably avoid raw vegetables and salads unless they are consumed at home where you can wash and clean them thoroughly.

Ways to Stay Healthy This Monsoon_3

  1. Drink Enough Water: Diseases in the rainy season are mostly water-borne, so make sure you only drink water that is filtered or boiled. And drink enough water regardless of your activity levels. Herbal teas with antibacterial properties are a good idea.

Ways to Stay Healthy This Monsoon_2

  1. Avoid Walking in the Rain: Walking in the rain or puddles of water makes you vulnerable to a host of viral diseases and numerous fungal infections at the feet and nails. If your clothes get wet, do not sit in an AC room rather change them immediately.


  1. Use a Mosquito Repellent: Always carry and wear a mosquito repellent whenever you go out. Those who are cautious can take anti-malarial drugs too.
  1. Avoid Touching your Eyes: Eye infections like conjunctivitis, stye, dry eyes and corneal ulcers are common during the monsoons. Consult a doctor immediately if you see any symptoms because if ignored, they can even lead to blindness.

Protect Your Eyes This Summer!

Every season affects our eyes in some way or the other. Common eye problems that people face when the temperature starts soaring high are allergies, red eyes, conjunctivitis, and migraines. Protection and proper eye hygiene can help keep these summer problems at bay.

Jiwadaya Netraprabha

Not a big reason to worry, you can still have fun in summers, just follow some of the precautionary steps listed below:-

  1. Use ultraviolet protective wraparound sunglasses that absorb at least 99% of the UVA and UVB light. This will prevent migraines and long term eye diseases such as cataract. The larger the glares the better cover they provide.


  1. While glasses are a good first UV barrier, a large hat will give you the extra defense you need to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

  2. Drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water each day will not only keep your skin hydrated but will also ensure that your eyes are moist and hydrated as well.
  1. If you are going for a swim in a pool, make sure you wear swimming goggles to ensure you do not catch conjunctivitis.

  1. Do not rub your eyes with unclean hands, especially if you are outdoors and in public places or if you have sweaty hands. This way you can protect yourself from allergies and infections in your eyes.

Jiwadaya Netraprabha

  1. Do not splash water inside your eyes. This washes away the tear film which is actually a protective layer. Rinse your eyes only if there is a foreign particle like dust in your eyes. You can also use products like Jiwadaya Netraprabha which are ayurvedic eye drops for swelling, irritation, and redness of the eyes.

Jiwadaya Netraprabha

  1. Always wash your hands and face once you get back home to prevent dust and grime from entering your eyes and causing allergies and infections.

5 Tips For Battling Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common eye disorder when your eye doesn’t produce enough tears or the right quality of tears to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

Anyone can experience dry eye syndrome, though it is common among women, particularly after menopause. It is also more common in the resident of cities with high levels of air pollution. Living with dry eye can be a challenge but following these simple steps you can get some relief from dry eye.


Use artificial tears

Artificial tears are available without a prescription. There are many brands on the market, so you have the variety of options from which you can choose. Applying them twice a day will be better for you.

Avoid too much air movement

Fans, winds and hair dryers can make your eyes dryer, so you should limit your exposure. If it is a windy day, then you can wear your sunglasses to reduce the chance of the wind directly blowing in your eyes.

Use a humidifier in winter

Heating your home in winters often dries out the air out, so use a humidifier to add some moisture back into the air. Even if you don’t have a humidifier a pan of water on your radiator would do the job for you.


Give your eyes a rest

Today’s work is behind the screen most of the time. Computer Vision Syndrome is a common problem among these people. It is best advised that you take frequent breaks every two hours and take walks around the office for ten minutes so that your eyes get the needed rest.

Ayurvedic to the rescue

India is known for its famous and historic ayurvedic treatment when it comes to the eyes. There are Ayurvedic Eye Drops for swelling, irritation, redness etc of eyes. Our vision is something which we all take for granted until something goes wrong.

Tips to keep your eyes healthy during winter

Most of the people during winters tend to worry about being warm rather than take care of their eyes. Eye irritation and injury are common during this season. Many times we do not realize that due to a sudden drop in the temperatures can pose a big threat to our eyes. We feel that eye care is not essential during winters and it should be considered during the summer and monsoon season. It is to be understood that the sun’s influence remains throughout the year and winter is no different. Due to the exposure to the UV rays can pose temporary harm to the eyes and this why eye care is essential. The cold wind and dry air can cause irritation to the eyes when you are especially outdoors.


These are some of the following tips that you can keep in your mind:-

Keep your eyes moist

Heart or air that is coming from coming from a heater can cause irritation to the eye. It can be painful for those people who are already suffering from dry eye syndrome, a chronic condition in which the eyes do not produce enough tears. Try sitting farther away from heat sources and use ayurvedic eye drops for swelling, irritation, redness etc of eyes.


Take a break from electronic devices

Lots of people spend most of their workday staring at a computer screen which normally leads to Computer Vision Syndrome . And when you add the winter into the cold mix, most of us are going to be bundled up inside the front of the tv or on our phones. While this may keep you warm, looking at electronics for a longer period may cause you to blink less. That is why practice the 20-20-20 rule, where every 20 minutes you look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It can help you to reduce the digital eye strain and keep your vision from deteriorating in the future.

With these simple strategies, you can ensure that your eyes are protected and you can enjoy winter to the fullest.

Treating your eyes right with Netraprabha

Everyone around wants a healthy eyesight and predominantly healthy pair of eyes. Eyes are one of the most precious parts of the body and maintaining their liveliness is essential to carry out a healthy life.

Treating your eyes with Jiwadaya Netraprabha has a long lasting and far reaching effect on the health of your eyes and helps you to preserve your eyesight into your golden years.

Over the years, there has been a preposterous rise in the level of pollutants that are scattered in the air and gives rise to a number of eye infections and problems that have varied complications. From simple eye irritation to severe eye allergies, if these complications are not treated properly in time, it can lead to corneal problems that affect the vision. Apart from air pollutants, straining the eyes more than required also has an adverse affect on the eyes. Straining the eyes is one of the major danger that we pose to our eyes by overworking them leading to a range of different eye problems.


Eyes are a sensitive part of the body and it is necessary to sustain and retain the natural vision and strengthen the muscles of the eye.

Jiwadaya Netraprabha is an ideal eye drop that provides nourishment to the tissues of the eyes and rejuvenates them to stay healthy and bright for years. You no longer need to worry about its after effects as it is prepared from natural herbs that are known to keep the eye sight clean and gives them a multi dimensional effect. Not only does it rejuvenate the tissues present in the eyes but  is also proved helpful for eye disorders like infections and inflammation. By stimulating production of natural tears, Netraprabha provides an essential cleansing to the eye and ensures that they remain moist and healthy to carry out the functions of creating images properly.


Apart from the benefits of using Jiwadaya Netraprabha, one needs to take proper care of the eyes by following a proper diet and protecting the eyes from harmful environment. Excessive exposure to sunlight may damage the tissues of the eyes leading to several disorders, threatening vision too. Similarly, not following a healthy diet will deprive the eyes of certain proteins and vitamins it requires to maintain healthy eyes.

Keeping Your Eyes Fresh Using – ENTYCE!

When it’s about eyes, anyone would seem to be extra cautious. Eyes are the boon to mankind for appreciating the natural knowhow as well as the reality around you. When it comes to applying drops in your eyes, you won’t take any risks or any unwanted prescriptions. You would definitely like to keep the calm of your eyes unharmed. That is when one of the best ayurvedic eye drops in India needs to be considered – Entyce.

Ever heard about the word – entice? It means to attract, to tempt, to beguile… etc Does these qualities ring a bell somewhere? Yes! Your eyes! They are the ones that attract or entice anyone, hence the name.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the care taker

If you want to behold beauty, you need to put in some extra efforts to take care of your eyes. The soothing and relaxing affect which Entyce, the best eye drops for dry eyes leaves behind is natural and refreshing. The major application of this eye drop is to cure the Computer vision syndrome, Dry eye syndrome, Eye irritation, irritable sensation within the eyeballs, strained eyes etc.

Pamper your eyes with the love of Entyce.

Entyce soothes the eyes in many ways. Do you wear contact lens? If yes, then Entyce is the product that should be carried along with your lens solutions. It not only eradicates the foreign bodies from your eyes but also makes sure that you your eyes are protective against any bacterial or allergic actions.

Why Entyce? What Is So Special About It?

Being of a natural origin is already a special quality of this ayurvedic eye drops but why is it even more special? because of the extracts included in Entyce.


Follow these:

Neem Bark – For the antiviral and antiseptic expertise.

Tulsi Leaves – For the anti bacterial potential for localized pains


Bhrigaral Leaves – For the analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory actions. Also for detoxifying the eyes after a trip with long travel time

Punarvana or The Spreading Hogweed – For removing the opacity of the lens of the eyes

Triphala or The Three Fruit bearing Plants ( Myrobalans) – [In Entyce - Terminalia Chebula, Emblica Officinalis and Terminalia Chebula] For powerful astringent effect by reducing the disorders of the eyes. Can be used as a collyrium as well

Tree Turmeric – The most powerful antiseptic and purifying effect carried by this has helped in employing a relief in removing obstinate infections, inflammations and pain.

Kapoor – For the analgesic cooling

Rose water or Gulab Jal – For the refreshing properties it carry


Hence Entyce is the right choice which allows you to have the all round protection for your eye. Order one today and see for yourself.


Life is beautiful.

Also, God has made a really gorgeous place for us to live in too.

We have our precious pair of eyes that help us appreciate this fact. Taking the eye care for granted will only make matters worse. Your eyes are the most powerful tool which sends outs the most intimate messages making you connect with the person or the nature that ceases all words. But life is not all perfect every day. Troubles to your eyes may occur anytime in the form of swelling, eye irritation, redness of eyes, watering of eyes etc. Such conditions arise either because of improper care given to the eyes or due to some sudden change in the environment.


Making Nature Speak The Language Of Cure

When it comes to this sensitive pair of our body, we tend to get extra cautious. Trusting just anything or any product coming along your way will be like deceiving your eyes. Jiwadaya Netraprapha is a trustworthy ayurvedic eye drop in India for almost any hitch your eyes suffer. It is an Ayurvedic eye drop which has all the required ingredients, all from Nature.

What Is So New About Netraprabha?

Netraprabha has keen ingredients like Amla, Madh(Honey), Swarnakshari and Kapoor which has an effective anti microbial property that has proven to show wonders in treatments. Pollutants, dust particles, smoke, pollen etc do harm our eyes directly. When the natural mechanism of automatic watering doesn’t help enough, Netraprabha eye drops help rejuvenate the eyes keeping them clean and healthy. The Vitamin C from Amla, the Cooling effect of camphor (karpoor), the cleansing/moistening property of honey as well as the anodyne impact that swarnakshari provides is distinctly effective!

How Can Netraprabha Help You Feel Better?

By stimulating the lachrymal glands (the glands that help produce the natural moist for our eyes in the form of tears), Netraprapha provides the most essential cleanse which helps the dust or any other notorious agents to flow out. After applying a sense of relief just gushes along providing an effective treatment, for sure.

How Is Netrprabha Different?

With helping in the proper functioning of the tear glands, Netraprabha also takes care of the swelling, redness as well as eye irritation that can come along due to lack of moistness in your eyes. It is also the best eye drops for dry eyes. Being a multipurpose eye drop, this has provided many people a sense of relief as well as kept safe from infections, howsoever.

Use Of Netraprabha And Reviews

With postcards, mails, personal request of additional quantity of this ayurvedic eye drops; Netraprabha has succeeded in providing the pleasure of relief to many patients.

Netraprabha – The ideal eye drops has hence developed a curiosity amongst the non-users while is famous amongst the users for being the ideal one!

Summer, Eye Care and Ayurveda

Summers are beautiful, shiny and lively. Summers create tans, makes your hair lighter, water warmer, drinks colder and your days longer. But summers have a deep impact on your eyes. Sensitive are those parts, hence need extra care especially during summers. Flip flops for your feet, shorts for yours legs while tank tops or tee for your body, what about your eyes? Do they not need to be taken care of? So, are you ready for summers? You may be, are your eyes? Check this out for tips to adopt for better eye care:


  • Problem: First of all, eyes have an electrolyte balance to keep up to, which will stammer once there is more room for heat. As summer ascends, this poise is disturbed and it causes blurry vision which pains on a later stage.

Solution: Drinking a glass of lemon or amla juice mixed with sugar and salt. Apart from that an intake of cucumber salads, coconut water, melons and buttermilk would also do wonders.

  • Problem: Cherishing the sun out there moves eternally to your heart! But what about the heat burns you get? What about the eye irritation? Moreover it damages your eyesight, what then?

Solution: Before things get out of control, start a routine to drink fennel seed water diluted with one tsp. with half a litre of water. There are various ayurvedic eye drops which are available with good contents like Beheda, Amla, Jethimadh, Loh Bhasma, along with ghee and honey as a mixing agent.


  • Problem: Drying of the eyes seems to be a common problem in summers. Getting eyes dehydrated is something so possible. This irrational ophthalmic pathology needs to be attended every time

Solution: The best eye drops for dry eyes contain triphala which is very much effective in treatment of eye infections. It is an extraordinary combination of three fruit extracts viz. Amla, Harade and Bahera which are called Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki in Sanskrit.

These were some infection or illness that your eyes are prone to in summers. If you are healthy then following care is must for your summer-eyes:

-          Solar Gazing: A beneficiary exercise that will improve the strength of your eyes. Trataka, the ghee flame gazing exercise which can also stimulate healthier eyes.

-          Proper Diet: A complete diet rich in proteins and Vitamin A is what your eyes need this summer.

-          Netra Basti: This process of treatment of ghee to your ocular region helps curing allergies and spasms if any.

-          Kajal: Apply kajal to your eyes regularly. This will act as a cooling effect to your eyes daily.

Hope you got the answers for all the summer-eye-trouble-questions. To get better proofs, try them today before the sore heat attacks.

Strengthening Your Eyesight, The Ayurvedic Way

Eyes are the interpreter for our souls. You should know that your eyes are composed of more than two million of working parts and if any one or two parts crash while performing then it may lead to a any kind of eye dysfunction or eye irritation. Would you like this 576 megapixel of natural camera to get affected by any means? Of course not!

Hence taking proper care and timely checkups are required to be inculcated into your regular routine- for your eyes only!! Here we have enlisted some common eye infections and their ayurvedic remedies:


Dry Eye Syndrome

Ashru or tear secretion is a physiological activity carried out by our eyes. Tear secretion is responsible for the moisture and lubrication on ocular surface creating a comfortable ambience for the movement of the eye ball as well as protecting it from dust. When abnormalities arise in discharge of this tears or the water film formation doesn’t occur then it leads to dry eye syndrome.

Ayurvedic treatment

  • You can include omega-3 rich flaxseed oil or the water retainer castor oil into your diet which will improve the quality of your eyes.
  • Also Lavender oil or rose water can be applied to the eyes before going to sleep.
  • Best eye drops for dry eye are available for the same.



This occurs because of increased intraocular pressure. This causes optic nerve damage and may lead to blindness if not treated on time. It may be caused due to hypertension or diabetes.

 Ayurvedic Treatment

  • Amla with its highly antipyretic and anti-diabetic property keeps the intestine clean and control blood sugar keeping glaucoma at bay. Amla ayurvedic eye drops in India are availed at very reasonable costs.
  • Guggul or the Indian bdellium – tree rejuvenates the cells of eyes and purifying the body. With high versatility in every condition, this has shown bright impacts.
  • Triphala Churna is also very helpful for any eye irritation caused in Glaucoma.

Watery eyes

Due to poor functioning of nasolacrimal system, your eyes may produce tears nonstop. This overflowing of water from eyes can be reduced effectively.

Ayurvedic Treatment

  • Applying pulp of hibiscus on your eyes while sleeping gives you a cool sensation which makes your eye cells strong to hold back tears.
  • Aloe Vera and Cucumber are also some of the examples that will cool your eye on external application and hence relieving you internally.

Computer Vision Syndrome

This is a condition which occurs due to long time focus on the computer screen or any other display. All these being unprotected and uninterrupted make your eyes vulnerable to pain, lethargy and discomfort.



Ayurvedic treatment

The therapies which will help solving the troubles caused by CVS are Aschottana, Netra Tarpana, Nasya, Netra Sanjeevani, Pada Abhyanaga, etc conducted by expert ayurvedic doctors under proper care and prescriptions of ayurvedic eye drops.