Acidity & Summer

Summer has begun!

U can feel the heat , right????

It is troubling externally as well as internally. So, how do we combat with it?

To avoid external heat, you can stay indoors especially between 11a.m. to 4p.m. Use sunglasses, caps, hats, etc. You can also choose to apply sunscreen on face, exposed parts of hands, arms, etc.

For internal heat, which may lead to hyper acidity, ulcers, etc.- you need to be more careful and take appropriate measures to avoid serious damage. Preventive measures include increasing your fluid intake. Take lots of fresh fruits, salads in your meals. Avoid oily,spicy,junk,fermented food.

You can also start using ANTAJ by Jiwadaya Netraprabha. Its main ingredients include Jeshtimadh, Khajur, Shatavari, Kali Draksha. All of these are known for their cooling effect (sheet virya or cooling potency). They suppress the abnormal jatar-agni (digestive juice in abdomen) thereby giving relief from hyperacidity.

With 2 teaspoonfuls of ANTAJ three times a day, you can keep hyper acidity away!!

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One thought on “Acidity & Summer

  1. ubaid qureshi

    hi, lately I have been suffering from the acidity problems like I can’t get into crowded place during day times and I feel like suffocation and vomiting, I probably believe that it is due to the summer season that has increased my acidity level up to a certain extent, but during night times I am being able to get into crowded place and I behave normally. I perhaps feels that this is now started taking roots in my thoughts and I’m suffering from a psychological trauma that is making me more uncomfortable and I started avoiding crowded place.
    Please suggest any remedy for me


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