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Say No To Gastric Troubles With Antaj!

Gastric troubles happen when the intake of food has excess content of spices which cause the stomach to burn.  The immediate mastication of food helps to begin the digestive process but then one has to extra cautious when the bolus passes through the oesophagus or rather the food pipe. If the acid in the bowel doesn’t break this down and leaks, it causes Gastritis.


Indigestion is improper content of food not improper digestion

As it is said in Ayurveda, the Pittas have to be controlled by Human body.  Like the fire pitta is responsible to break down the masticate food in the process of digestion.  While Pachan Pitta takes care of the gastrointestinal tract’s functionaries.

The improper digestion occurs because of the wrong choice of food.  The wrong combination of elements and mixtures of your food is responsible for the scratches towards the inner digestive tract. This causes uneven passing of the bolus and disturbs the acidic secretions within and needs sooner indigestion treatment.

This in turn violates the Pachan (Digestion) resulting into Gastritis! Any ayurvedic medicine for acidity should work but the effectiveness is not promising, always.


Don’t leave Gastritis Untreated. Never

When here the excess secretion of acid is occurring, there on the other side the peptic ulcer is continuously getting degenerated because of the peptic acids. This may accelerate and cause bleeding into the stomach cavity which results into blood vomits. The stomach bloating gas is also a major concern which surfaces along.

Just don’t get away with swallowing ‘some’ ayurvedic medicine for gas. Do not make an excuse for treating Gastritis when you have Antaj to rescue, the best ayurvedic medicine for Gastritis.  This tonic is a mere cure for Gastritis that helps in easing the pain, heartburn as well as dizziness caused by it.

Why Antaj? How Can you Trust This for Gastritis?

Antaj contains the richness of Shunti, Kali Draksha, and Amla that provides the Vitamin needed for the body while curing.

Antaj also has Agravadha,  Karat-tikta that takes care of the acidity and indigestion troubles caused by Gastritis along with the treatment of heartburn.

Antaj also has the proud and uniquely combining substances like Khajur,  Shatavari, Yashtimadu as well as Guduchi that creates a protection perfect enough,  around the gastric mucosa, for not getting it affected by acid which may damage the stomach cells.

Antaj – The Syrup that Cures

The ayurvedic contents of Antaj is really priceless.  The quick heal effect which the customers have,  the instant relief from heartburn has pointed out Antaj to be a confident and really effective formulation that is available in the form of syrup. The use of Antaj on a regular basis does help you from the exodus of acids that fight within your stomach on an hourly basis.

The belief in Antaj has set since years because of its faster absorption resulting into a faster recovery.

Keeping Your Eyes Fresh Using – ENTYCE!

When it’s about eyes, anyone would seem to be extra cautious. Eyes are the boon to mankind for appreciating the natural knowhow as well as the reality around you. When it comes to applying drops in your eyes, you won’t take any risks or any unwanted prescriptions. You would definitely like to keep the calm of your eyes unharmed. That is when one of the best ayurvedic eye drops in India needs to be considered – Entyce.

Ever heard about the word – entice? It means to attract, to tempt, to beguile… etc Does these qualities ring a bell somewhere? Yes! Your eyes! They are the ones that attract or entice anyone, hence the name.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the care taker

If you want to behold beauty, you need to put in some extra efforts to take care of your eyes. The soothing and relaxing affect which Entyce, the best eye drops for dry eyes leaves behind is natural and refreshing. The major application of this eye drop is to cure the Computer vision syndrome, Dry eye syndrome, Eye irritation, irritable sensation within the eyeballs, strained eyes etc.

Pamper your eyes with the love of Entyce.

Entyce soothes the eyes in many ways. Do you wear contact lens? If yes, then Entyce is the product that should be carried along with your lens solutions. It not only eradicates the foreign bodies from your eyes but also makes sure that you your eyes are protective against any bacterial or allergic actions.

Why Entyce? What Is So Special About It?

Being of a natural origin is already a special quality of this ayurvedic eye drops but why is it even more special? because of the extracts included in Entyce.


Follow these:

Neem Bark – For the antiviral and antiseptic expertise.

Tulsi Leaves – For the anti bacterial potential for localized pains


Bhrigaral Leaves – For the analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory actions. Also for detoxifying the eyes after a trip with long travel time

Punarvana or The Spreading Hogweed – For removing the opacity of the lens of the eyes

Triphala or The Three Fruit bearing Plants ( Myrobalans) – [In Entyce - Terminalia Chebula, Emblica Officinalis and Terminalia Chebula] For powerful astringent effect by reducing the disorders of the eyes. Can be used as a collyrium as well

Tree Turmeric – The most powerful antiseptic and purifying effect carried by this has helped in employing a relief in removing obstinate infections, inflammations and pain.

Kapoor – For the analgesic cooling

Rose water or Gulab Jal – For the refreshing properties it carry


Hence Entyce is the right choice which allows you to have the all round protection for your eye. Order one today and see for yourself.


Life is beautiful.

Also, God has made a really gorgeous place for us to live in too.

We have our precious pair of eyes that help us appreciate this fact. Taking the eye care for granted will only make matters worse. Your eyes are the most powerful tool which sends outs the most intimate messages making you connect with the person or the nature that ceases all words. But life is not all perfect every day. Troubles to your eyes may occur anytime in the form of swelling, eye irritation, redness of eyes, watering of eyes etc. Such conditions arise either because of improper care given to the eyes or due to some sudden change in the environment.


Making Nature Speak The Language Of Cure

When it comes to this sensitive pair of our body, we tend to get extra cautious. Trusting just anything or any product coming along your way will be like deceiving your eyes. Jiwadaya Netraprapha is a trustworthy ayurvedic eye drop in India for almost any hitch your eyes suffer. It is an Ayurvedic eye drop which has all the required ingredients, all from Nature.

What Is So New About Netraprabha?

Netraprabha has keen ingredients like Amla, Madh(Honey), Swarnakshari and Kapoor which has an effective anti microbial property that has proven to show wonders in treatments. Pollutants, dust particles, smoke, pollen etc do harm our eyes directly. When the natural mechanism of automatic watering doesn’t help enough, Netraprabha eye drops help rejuvenate the eyes keeping them clean and healthy. The Vitamin C from Amla, the Cooling effect of camphor (karpoor), the cleansing/moistening property of honey as well as the anodyne impact that swarnakshari provides is distinctly effective!

How Can Netraprabha Help You Feel Better?

By stimulating the lachrymal glands (the glands that help produce the natural moist for our eyes in the form of tears), Netraprapha provides the most essential cleanse which helps the dust or any other notorious agents to flow out. After applying a sense of relief just gushes along providing an effective treatment, for sure.

How Is Netrprabha Different?

With helping in the proper functioning of the tear glands, Netraprabha also takes care of the swelling, redness as well as eye irritation that can come along due to lack of moistness in your eyes. It is also the best eye drops for dry eyes. Being a multipurpose eye drop, this has provided many people a sense of relief as well as kept safe from infections, howsoever.

Use Of Netraprabha And Reviews

With postcards, mails, personal request of additional quantity of this ayurvedic eye drops; Netraprabha has succeeded in providing the pleasure of relief to many patients.

Netraprabha – The ideal eye drops has hence developed a curiosity amongst the non-users while is famous amongst the users for being the ideal one!