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Summer, Eye Care and Ayurveda

Summers are beautiful, shiny and lively. Summers create tans, makes your hair lighter, water warmer, drinks colder and your days longer. But summers have a deep impact on your eyes. Sensitive are those parts, hence need extra care especially during summers. Flip flops for your feet, shorts for yours legs while tank tops or tee for your body, what about your eyes? Do they not need to be taken care of? So, are you ready for summers? You may be, are your eyes? Check this out for tips to adopt for better eye care:


  • Problem: First of all, eyes have an electrolyte balance to keep up to, which will stammer once there is more room for heat. As summer ascends, this poise is disturbed and it causes blurry vision which pains on a later stage.

Solution: Drinking a glass of lemon or amla juice mixed with sugar and salt. Apart from that an intake of cucumber salads, coconut water, melons and buttermilk would also do wonders.

  • Problem: Cherishing the sun out there moves eternally to your heart! But what about the heat burns you get? What about the eye irritation? Moreover it damages your eyesight, what then?

Solution: Before things get out of control, start a routine to drink fennel seed water diluted with one tsp. with half a litre of water. There are various ayurvedic eye drops which are available with good contents like Beheda, Amla, Jethimadh, Loh Bhasma, along with ghee and honey as a mixing agent.


  • Problem: Drying of the eyes seems to be a common problem in summers. Getting eyes dehydrated is something so possible. This irrational ophthalmic pathology needs to be attended every time

Solution: The best eye drops for dry eyes contain triphala which is very much effective in treatment of eye infections. It is an extraordinary combination of three fruit extracts viz. Amla, Harade and Bahera which are called Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki in Sanskrit.

These were some infection or illness that your eyes are prone to in summers. If you are healthy then following care is must for your summer-eyes:

-          Solar Gazing: A beneficiary exercise that will improve the strength of your eyes. Trataka, the ghee flame gazing exercise which can also stimulate healthier eyes.

-          Proper Diet: A complete diet rich in proteins and Vitamin A is what your eyes need this summer.

-          Netra Basti: This process of treatment of ghee to your ocular region helps curing allergies and spasms if any.

-          Kajal: Apply kajal to your eyes regularly. This will act as a cooling effect to your eyes daily.

Hope you got the answers for all the summer-eye-trouble-questions. To get better proofs, try them today before the sore heat attacks.

Strengthening Your Eyesight, The Ayurvedic Way

Eyes are the interpreter for our souls. You should know that your eyes are composed of more than two million of working parts and if any one or two parts crash while performing then it may lead to a any kind of eye dysfunction or eye irritation. Would you like this 576 megapixel of natural camera to get affected by any means? Of course not!

Hence taking proper care and timely checkups are required to be inculcated into your regular routine- for your eyes only!! Here we have enlisted some common eye infections and their ayurvedic remedies:


Dry Eye Syndrome

Ashru or tear secretion is a physiological activity carried out by our eyes. Tear secretion is responsible for the moisture and lubrication on ocular surface creating a comfortable ambience for the movement of the eye ball as well as protecting it from dust. When abnormalities arise in discharge of this tears or the water film formation doesn’t occur then it leads to dry eye syndrome.

Ayurvedic treatment

  • You can include omega-3 rich flaxseed oil or the water retainer castor oil into your diet which will improve the quality of your eyes.
  • Also Lavender oil or rose water can be applied to the eyes before going to sleep.
  • Best eye drops for dry eye are available for the same.



This occurs because of increased intraocular pressure. This causes optic nerve damage and may lead to blindness if not treated on time. It may be caused due to hypertension or diabetes.

 Ayurvedic Treatment

  • Amla with its highly antipyretic and anti-diabetic property keeps the intestine clean and control blood sugar keeping glaucoma at bay. Amla ayurvedic eye drops in India are availed at very reasonable costs.
  • Guggul or the Indian bdellium – tree rejuvenates the cells of eyes and purifying the body. With high versatility in every condition, this has shown bright impacts.
  • Triphala Churna is also very helpful for any eye irritation caused in Glaucoma.

Watery eyes

Due to poor functioning of nasolacrimal system, your eyes may produce tears nonstop. This overflowing of water from eyes can be reduced effectively.

Ayurvedic Treatment

  • Applying pulp of hibiscus on your eyes while sleeping gives you a cool sensation which makes your eye cells strong to hold back tears.
  • Aloe Vera and Cucumber are also some of the examples that will cool your eye on external application and hence relieving you internally.

Computer Vision Syndrome

This is a condition which occurs due to long time focus on the computer screen or any other display. All these being unprotected and uninterrupted make your eyes vulnerable to pain, lethargy and discomfort.



Ayurvedic treatment

The therapies which will help solving the troubles caused by CVS are Aschottana, Netra Tarpana, Nasya, Netra Sanjeevani, Pada Abhyanaga, etc conducted by expert ayurvedic doctors under proper care and prescriptions of ayurvedic eye drops.

Gastritis – An Ayurvedic Outlook

Gastritis is a condition in humans where the level of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach increases. It is secreted by the walls of the stomach whenever the bolus (mass of chewed food) passes through the Oesophagus and reaches your abdomen.

At times, due to intake of stringent food, the secretion of HCl boosts which causes inflammation of the mucus lining of the stomach.  Now, that is not supposed to be good news, as Gastritis just attacked you!


Your Symptoms Include:

Continuous hiccups, nausea which will end up into vomiting, dark stool because of bad indigestion as there is formation of stomach bloating gas within; with heartburn it also causes a major drop in the appetite and due to such a bad impact on your abdomen region you tend to experience a lot of pain.

As a part the treatment, ayurvedic medicine for acidity is adopted as one of the best treatment of heartburn. Following this ayurvedic course, let’s see what all one can do for early relief from heartburn.


The Right Medicines

-          Ash Gourd and Jaggery mixed together to boil and had in small portions will be a relief.

-          After your meal course, try chewing some good amount of Fennel Seeds which extracts out fennel oil which does wonders.

-          An ayurvedic medicine for gastritis which has never failed is; crush Ginger and add it to milk and water double the quantity. This will give an instant respite whatsoever.

-          Cumin Seeds can also be mashed (which oozes out cumin oil) and administered orally for better ways of dealing with gastritis.

-          An effective remedy also includes addition of Pepper Powder to Honey and a bit of water just to provide a dilution.

-          Before sleeping off at night, drink a glass of Buttermilk mixed with Fenugreek, Turmeric and Asafoetida which prove to be an incredible combination.

-          Drinking Coconut Water twice a day for a relief in heartburn is an idea to be implemented way too early.

-           Due to the rich source of Vitamin C, intake of like 6 to 7 grams of Amla along with 150mL of water is considered a good pacifier of the stomach bloating gas, relieving the person instantly from acid reflux.

-          A mixture of Ginger, Coriander and Snakeguard also makes a really good dosage for gastritis. If needed one can always add honey or sugar to it if the taste doesn’t seem right.

The Right Poses

-          Performing Suryanamaskar on a daily basis relieves the stomach from any kind of interruptions.

-          Sarvangasan also helps in stretching the abdomen muscles, making them healthy and flexible, hence easier the digestion.

Other asanas like Bhujangasana, Paschimottanasan, Vrajansa, Sitkari Pranaya and Naukasan are some yoga poses which would help your bruised stomach recover faster.