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7 Proven Ways To Improve The Life Of Your Eyes

Eyes! “Your eyes speak the truth when everything else is a lie” That is what eyes do. Our eyes express, feel, cry, lie, and even love. These beautiful pair of gift should be cared for and it’s our responsibility to make the moves to keep them safe and secure.


Healthy eyes live longer. Without making much delay one should explicitly follow the suggestions for fit eyes:

1) The Right Glares to Stare..

Wearing the precise optical glasses while driving or even having a brisk walk out in the sun or a breezy day will help you keep unwanted elements out of the way of your eyes. Even while reading and functioning on your computer make a habit of wearing spectacles.

2) Quit.. Quit.. Quit..!

Quit smoking ASAP! Your eyes are endangered if you are not breaking up with your smoke soon. The ashy particles along with nicotine contains, carbon monoxide, Hydrogen cyanide, Arsenic, DDT, Tar, formaldehyde, Ammonia.. Should we go on..?

3) Rest and Be Thankful

Your eyes bear pressure and stress the whole day, it needs adequate amount of rest which it deserves righteously. Hence, sleeping for minimum of eight hours out of the twenty four will be worth thanking yourself later.

4) Cleanliness is Godliness

A clean ambience is always less of a hazard to health. Keep your hands and towels clean. In a day they come in contact with your eyes an ample of times. So make sure they are used unsoiled.

5) History matters!

When it comes to keeping your eyes at stake, you should be aware of the family record for eyes. Any hereditary disease related to eyes should be known for early precautions or later treatments.

6) Health requires Healthy food

When it comes to eating, there are certain foods which one should consider consuming for a good healthy pair of those blinkers. Fish, eggs, beef, vegetables with greens, citrus fruits, nuts, legumes, sunflower oils etc are just a few from the list to chase if healthy eyes are meant to you.

 7) The Last Best resort – YOGA!

Yoga is where everyone’s search for good health ends. Yoga has a plethora of poses that does help to keep up your eyes robust, like Palming, Blinking, Sideways viewing, front/back/up and down viewing, Rotational viewing. Many untoward infections, Glaucoma, Cataract and other problems because of stressing of ocular muscles can be overcome easily with customary practice of these yoga work outs.


Make sure that your rest of your life is seen in complete health of your eyes by you. Without complaining start following these simple rules towards happy eyes! *wink*

Sinusitis Has A Permanent Solution With Ayurvedic Treatments

Sinusitis – A disease? Or not?

Sinusitis is a condition which is not fatal but yet painful. We won’t call it is a disease but it’s just a condition of illness which causes disease. In simple words, sinusitis effects sinus which is a part of our nose. Its main function is to restrict the suspended and dispersed particles from getting clogged in the nose. When sinus gets infected it swells and that infection spreads throughout the face.


Ayurvedic Turn

According to Ayurveda, sinusitis is caused due to imbalance in the Shleshaka Kapha and Prana Vata. Shleshaka Kapha controls the moisture level in our body while the Prana Vata controls the mind. When these two gets messed up sinusitis emerges and the difficulty arises. This in turn creates a dilemma in the function of Pitta which controls the arena of metabolism as well as inflammation. Classified into frontal, maxillary and sphenoid sinus, this problem turns to any part of the face. Hence considering an Ayurvedic treatment will only help it further.

As Ayurveda has the answers for sinusitis, trying it may just be as interesting:


-          Basil : Tulsi, as it is supposed to be called, has a strong and stringent impact in its steam form. Basil Steam inhalation three to four times a day will relieve you from a huge part of sinus pain.

-          Neem : While having your bath consider dripping in some neem extracts  in the water which you will inhale in the process soothing your trouble to a big extend.

-          Ginger : Ginger with honey or jaggery administered orally also turns out to be a really good medicine for treating sinusitis.

-          Panchkarma : This includes five treatments viz. Abhyanga, Garshana, Swedana, Udvartana and Pizichili. Following a regular pattern of these treatments will definitely cure sinusitis slowly.

-           Diet changes: Include more fruits with Vitamin C, Peppers and chilli in your diet. Increase the intake of omega-3, avocados, walnuts and other dry fruits, organic vegetables and meat, flax seeds, coconut oil usage in food.

-          Therapies : Nasyam, Vamanam, Lepanam etc are some dosha riding therapies which are commonly practiced for eradicating sinusitis. Nasyma is known to the best and direct treatment for the nasal parts where the oil or medicine administered is believed to have a proper action.

-          Yogasan : Pranayama, Dhanurasana, Chakrasana, Halasanan, Shavasana, Shalabhasana etc are some of the major yoga poses which one should inculcate in the morning routine helping to alleviate sinusitis gradually and completely.

Managing these mentioned analyses into your schedule will facilitate in removing the snagging pain of sinus from your body forever. This usually should be continued for at least a month to have a complete impact. The duration may depend from body to body but still it has proven very effective.

Summers? Try an Ayurvedic Relief for Summer Balance

Summers generally make us all lackadaisical and hazy. We tend to lose control over our activities and causes delay in making decisions due to our lay back attitude. Hence, before it starts affecting your work and performance, you should consider some ayurvedic summer balance which will help you fight the symptoms of catching the rays or rather the ‘Pitta Dosha’.


What is Pitta Dosha?

In Ayurvedic science according to Tridosha theory – Vata, Kapha and Pitta are the three bodily wits that make up a living person. Vata and Kapha are related to earth and air respectively while Pitta is related to fire, which means strong, active and fiercely intense. If your body shows a dominance of any one of these then you can be known to have that dosha.

Summer and Pitta

Pitta is accountable for controlling the heat and metabolism in our body. Pitta takes care of the functioning of abdomen, glow of the skin, eyes, desires, metabolism, and flow of blood.

Pitta is connected to summers because – As summer is to heat, Pitta is to fire. Pitta governs the digestive flames of our body. Summers make your body go all irritable, ruddy and rushed. It makes you frustrated, uncomfortable and you tend to have loose bowel movements, acid flux, hot flashes etc.

All these symptoms indicate that in summer you need to balance your Pitta with immediate effect so that you can be free from any adjourn in work.

For a calm and composed summer you should follow:

Some really important statutes

In Diet

-          Eat Kapha and Vata foods i.e food from earth/water and food from air/space.

-          Eat foods that are bitter, sweet, cold and heavy like steamed veggies, chips, spicy cuisines.

-          Drink coconut water, eat cucumber slices. These things keep your body cool.

-          Herbal tea is also a good way to keep you nippy.

-          Milk, butter and ghee come as a good combination.

-          Cinnamon, cardamom and coriander are spices which can replace pepper and chillies.

-          Apart from sour fruits and spiced vegetables keep yourself updated with good amount of both in your diet.


 In Exercise

-          Brisk walking to begin with can have a major impact in reducing pitta.

-          Cycling can be a considerably better work out in the morning if walking just bores you.

-          Looking for some more fun and challenge, hit the field with tennis or badminton. It helps you focus more and burn some quality energy.

-          Swimming, surfing, snowboarding are some water based exercises that eradicates the imbalance in Pitta.

-          Lastly, following a regular yoga routine can be an all in one answer for worsening Pitta dosha in anyone.

Summers were never easy but controlling your Pitta is way easier. Hence try not to disturb the summer balance and start trying them out today itself.