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Ayurvedic Mantras Of Dazzling Hair


Nowadays, many people rely on Ayurvedic remedies for treating common problems. And when it comes to hair problems, not everybody wants to use hard chemicals on their hair. Ayurveda has plenty of remedies that are good for hair growth and to maintain the quality of hair. It’s true that the traditional practice has lot of power packed secrets that can help you with almost any trouble.

Flaunting gorgeous hair is no exception. Ayurvedic treatment for hair growth has been around since ages, but it is only now that everyone has started to adopt these remedies. While believing on such a time-proven methodology, expect nothing but best results. Ayurveda solves the problems from the inside and not the outside alone.

  • Massaging the scalp regularly with medicated ayurvedic hair oil improves the nourishment of the scalp which helps to keep the hair long, lustrous, strong, shining and thick. Ayurvedic herbal hair oils are a blend of hair friendly herbs.Massaging hair with warm oil especially when done with oil infused with herbs,provides nourishment, alleviates dry scalp and enhances circulation. Coconut oil or Sesame oil, infused with herbs, helps to maintain the color and luster of hair.

  • It is important to regularly cleanse your scalp and hair. Always keep your hair and scalp clean to avoid clogged hair follicles and itching of scalp. Never use harsh shampoo to cleanse your hair, as it can lead to drying out the scalp and damaging the hair.Cleanse with a gentle herbal shampoo or baby soap and avoid over or excessive shampooing. Use fresh water to wash your hair and follow with a natural conditioner. Allow the hair to dry naturally rather than blow-drying it. It’s advisable to trim the hair regularly to take care of split ends and natural wear and tear.

  • Keeping a regular diet reflects the health of your hair. Irregular or unhealthy eating habits not only affect the hair, but also the overall performance of all of our system. Healthy eating and a healthy diet, both are equally important for effective digestion and absorption. Food should always be fresh and whole. Ayurveda stresses over the fact that everyone should have food in properly ventilated, calm, quiet corner and should only stay dedicated to eating while he is. Healthy and nutritious food improves body of hair, so a balanced assortment of nutrients is necessary to prevent premature hair loss and early graying.

  • Sleep is the most important and vital nutrient for the well being of a human body. irregular sleeping regimen cause a disturbance to the natural body clock. The body repairs tissues and reorganizes systems when it sleeps. Lack of sufficient sleep leads to poor health of hair, hence one should catch up on their sleeping schedules to maintain good health of the hair.