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Reveal Natural Beauty Through Ayurveda


We all face some type of skin problems somewhere in our life. Beautiful glowing smooth skin is enticing by every woman and appreciated by every man. However, the idea with Ayurveda is that once you give your beautiful skin and body exactly what it needs, you will reach a place of balance, where your health and your beauty will shine.

Ayurvedic beauty care is highly distinguished and there isn’t one particular treatment that works for every skin as Ayurveda tells us that the equation to achieve balance is different for every person which is contingent upon their body type and character.

“Not everyone is born with a perfect skin type, everyone has a different constitution of skin”.

But over time, the type of skin may change or alter because of external factors comprising of the climate, diet and lifestyle habits or pollution. These imbalances should also be taken care of when picking up a type of ayurvedic treatment for your skin.

Ayurveda is proved to make one’s skin clear, soft and glowing by eliminating the need and harmful effects of chemicals on skin. Glowing skin not only embellishes the self-confidence but also acts like an indicator for our health.

Here, we share a couple of ways in which you can not only protect your skin, but also improve the quality of your skin to glow throughout!

  • Adding organic milk to whole grains and green leafy veggies, has a tendency to nourish one’s complexion from within.

  • Drive the Internal hydration by drinking plenty of lukewarm water on regular basis.

  • Consuming more of juicy fruits and sweets are of great help as they cleanse your body from the inside as well as they are great to keep the body hydrated.

  • Including  little amounts of healthy fats like ghee (clarified butter) or olive oil in your diet, adds lubrication.

  • The best way to keep the skin lubricated and moisturized is by enjoying a warm self massage by the use of rich massage oil which is excellent to make the skin glow.

  • Having a proper sleeping regimen in a must so that your mind and body get the opportunity to rest and recharge.

Staying Warm During Winters

8-Best-Winter-Foods-You-Should-Be-Eating (2)

Winter – The lazy season that does not allow one to get off the bed! It’s basically the season where one faces flu and is called the cold season, where contagious diseases are bound to spread.

Yet according to Ayurveda, winter isn’t as bad as it looks like. It is actually the best season to improve and increase immunity. It isn’t a weakening season if you know how to increase your immunity through a proper regimen.

In ayurvedic terms, immunity is directly associated with digestion system. One needs to have a strong digestion and good appetite to strengthen their immunity. Anything that weakens the digestion also weakens the immunity. So if you really want a healthy and illness free winter, try understanding your digestion system and work towards making it better, because no one would like to stay sick all day in bed!

Below are 2 major points that will help you have a great winter without having the need to keep up with doctors and medicines!


It is significant to treat your tummy with nourishing food especially during the cold freezing months of winter! It’s better to eat food that give warmth to your body. It is ideal to start your day with a light, warm and nutrient breakfast as it is better to break the fast of the night slowly. Don’t overeat, as your digestive system needs food to stimulate it, but if you have a lot of it, you may face acidity. Make your meal at noon “Intelligent” and have foods like cooked vegetables and whole grains. Your lunch should be the most filling meal of the day as this is when the digestive fire is the hottest at this time of the day. Coming down to the evening meals, it should be lighter than lunch. Season your food with spices as they are very beneficial for the digestion process. Also, avoid the intake of raw foods as it will make you feel cold and icy in the tummy. It is advisable to have warm cooked food, say a cup of soup or roasted veggies!


You might want to laze around on the bed during winters as long as possible and it might sound absurd, but continuing to stay under the covers increases the cold energy that gets out of balance during winters, hence making one feel cold and tired. What is emphasized the most in ayurveda is Exercising and the importance of it lies in the daily routine of practising it. Human body craves for routine. Exercising daily, eating food at a proper time and maintaining the same time to sleep will make your body respond to better digestion and greater immunity. The whole idea is to follow the principle of “Balaardh” to keep energy and stamina balanced at all times. Bala, meaning energy and Ardh, meaning half. Ayurveda recommends not to exert more than 50% of what you are capable of.