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Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines over Allopathic Treatment

ayurvedaallopathyAyurveda is science that has been discovered years ago. It is seen as a traditional way to cure disease. It is considered highly holistic due to its preventive and curative qualities. However, on the other hand Allopathy has been found recently. Unlike Ayurveda that is mainly followed and practiced in India, Allopathy is Accepted and practiced worldwide. Also, Ayurveda is seen as an alternative treatment to completely cure many chronic diseases which allopathy fails to cure. There are various benefits of Ayurvedic medicines over allopathic treatment and some of them are stated below:

  • Any ayurvedic medicine effectively treats disease and helps permanently heal a person. It also helps improve overall health. However, on the other hand, Allopathic treatment does not ensure permanent cure of the disease and aims to kill and destroy all the germs, bacteria, etc. that causes sickness and to provide instant relief.

  • As ayurvedic medicines are obtained and produced from various easily available herbs and plants, they are comparatively cheaper than allopathic medicines.

  • Ayurvedic medicines are basically obtained from  natural herbs and extracts of fruits, vegetables, etc. which act as a natural drug and are harmless for our body. These medicines help cure diseases without any side effects. However, Allopathic medicines on the hand usually provide solution to a disease that may produce one side effect or other due to its synthetic preparation.

  • As Ayurvedic medicines are made of organic products, they help saving the environment and atmosphere from harmful chemicals and prove to be extremely eco friendly.

  • Allopathic medicines usually concentrate on the symptoms of the disease leaving aside the root cause. However, Ayurvedic medicine helps to cure specific system of body by focusing on root cause of the problem which further helps maintain a healthy life in long run.

  • When compared with allopathic treatment, Ayurvedic medicines are usually considered more effective for curing chronic illness. For example, diseases related to our liver. It is considered that ayurvedic medicines can rejuvenate liver due to its effective ingredients.

  • Ayurvedic medicines are chemical free, produced using natural ingredients. However, Allopathic medicines include chemicals as they are laboratory manufactured which actually proves to be harmful for body.

  • Ayurvedic medicines successfully cure serious ailments like piles, jaundice, etc. They are a slow healing process but ensure a permanent relief from pain.This is so as they focus on the root cause to cure affected area and other related body systems. However, Allopathy has a modern approach which offers medical treatment that is comparatively faster than ayurvedic treatment but gives only temporary solution to the disease.

Ayurveda vs. Allopathy is therefore one of the most common topic to talk on a number of health websites and each individual has a varied personal opinion on each of the treatments. However, based on a number of different background and study ayurvedic medicines are always proven to be far more safer than allopathic medicines in terms of safety and adverse effect on body. Therefore, we do not intend to create hatred or criticize any scientific modern day health system such as allopathy. But merely try to keep you informed and aware about various pros and cons of ayurvedic and Allopathic systems.

Now the choice is yours…. Ayurvedic or Allopathy??

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

woman-drinking-glass-water-morningMajority people start their day by consuming a hot cup of tea or coffee once they get out of bed. However a number of studies and experts say that if your day is kick started by drinking a glass of hot or warm water you will easily move towards living a healthy life. Drinking hot water has numerous health benefits. It is a natural regulator of body which helps in healing body, reduce metabolic waste in immune system and provide greater digestive power. It also has a number of skin and hair benefits. Therefore let us talk about some of these beneficial aspects of consuming hot/warm water in our everyday life.

1. Weight Loss
Hot water helps to break down the adipose tissue in your body and maintain a healthy metabolism. To boost your metabolism in early morning you should have a glass hot water with lemon added to it.

2. Assists with Nasal and Throat Congestion
When you talk about cough, cold sore throat or congestion, drinking hot water is the best natural remedy. It helps clear nasal congestion and provides relief from sore throat by dissolving phlegm and removing it from the respiratory tract.

3. Menstrual Cramps
To cure spasms and cramps hot water is very useful.The heat eliminated from the water soothes abdominal muscles and helps it calm down. Therefore hot water helps in getting rid of menstrual cramps.

4. Body Detoxification
Hot water is an excellent body detoxifier. Drinking Hot water increases body temperature which further results in sweat. This actually is a way how the toxins are released in body, which help the body feel cleansed. Also, adding a squeeze of lemon in hot water and consuming gives optimal results.

5. Prevents Premature Aging
Body toxins make you get older faster and hence it is very important to get rid of them. Consuming hot water everyday not only helps you repair the skin cells that are responsible to increase elasticity of skin but also helps damaged skin become more smoother.

6. Prevents Acne and Pimples
There are uncountable benefits of drinking hot water which is useful for skin. It helps you eliminate the root cause of acne related infections and cleanse overall body.

7. Hair Health and Vitality
Drinking hot water helps you to obtain extremely soft and shiny hair as it energizes hair roots and its nerve endings along with making them active.Therefore this helps regain natural vitality of hair and keep them healthy.

8. Promotes Hair Growth
Along with promoting regular root activity, hot water also accelerates the hair growth.Therefore activating roots has another benefit and that’s hair growth.

9. Prevents Dandruff
Hydration is prevented by intake of Hot Water and thus It prevents dandruff and dry scalp.

10. Enhances Blood Circulation and Promotes A Healthy Nervous System
Enhancement of blood circulation is another health benefit of drinking hot water. Blood circulation is very important for nerve and muscle activity in body.Therefore it helps break down the fat deposits in body and in return keeps the nervous system healthy.

11. Digestion
According to studies, drinking cold water during or post meal usually hardens the oil content that is present in the food that is consumed. This makes a fat deposit on the inner wall of intestine that may also lead to intestinal cancer. Therefore to avoid this problem, the cold drinking water should be replaced with hot drinking water which is beneficial for digestion.

12. Bowel Movements
Bowel movements can be kept pain free and healthy by regular consumption of hot water.The bowel movements become slower when the stool gets accumulated in the body which leads to problems of constipation. Thus it is advised to consume hot or warm water empty stomach every morning. It helps in decomposing the remaining food particles and makes their movements through intestine  smooth and pain free.

So start and end your day with a glass of hot water and experience a miracle.

Pain Management Tactics: The Ayurveda Edition

multiple-joint-painOut of every 10 individuals, 4 suffer from chronic pain, often at a young age. This pain can become constant if overlooked. Ayurveda states that chronic pain is caused due to the energy imbalances which are formed due to factors like lack of hydration, improper postures, vague diet and other lifestyle habits.

Pain Management is further simplified and elucidated below:

  • Staying Hydrated: Humans have about 60% of water content in their body and the system is mainly dependent on water. Due to changes in weather it is important to stay hydrated all day and also at the time of exercising. Human body needs around 6 – 8 glasses  of water daily. Water not only hydrates the body and nourishes the cells and muscles which helps to carry out the impurities from the body, but also regulate body conditions in terms of temperature. Lubrication of body parts which is essential is also done by keeping the body hydrated.

  • Warming up with Yoga: Yoga is the positive way to connect yourself to the nature by balancing the body and mind. It is a type of exercise which is performed by balancing the body. It helps to get a control over the diet and breathing and also helps to reduce stress. Practising yoga for at least half an hour regularly can help avoid stress.

  • Turn Turmeric: Known as a powerful Antioxidant, turmeric targets dangerous free cardinals in the body and reduces the damage they cause to DNA and cells. It also has characteristics of Anti Inflammation. Turmeric is potent against congestive heart failure, degenerative pain, and other health problems related to inflammation.It reduces the risk of blood lump and averts the building up of plaque in the arteries that majorly fights against stroke and other lump related issues. It acts as a natural painkiller and also destroys cancerous cells taking birth. It is considered as one of the best treatment for skin problems, and it is a natural sterile which can be used to treat burns and cuts.

  • Exfoliate Pain with Massage: In the ayurvedic custom, regular oil massage is considered to be a highly effective form of healing from all sorts of ailments. Massage helps reduce pain as it alleviates joint and muscle stiffness, increases circulation, assembles toxins thereby relaxing the body. Simply give yourself an oil massage daily to get rid of regular body pains.

  • Follow Healthy Diet: Food is a powerful healer. Proper diet helps in maintaining proper health. Following a proper diet of tepid, mellow, nourishing foods makes a considerable difference in your body system. In order to get balanced nutrition and fit health, one should obtain the majority of daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and proteins as they help to maintain health.

Get back to the free, painless body by following these tips that help one’s body to overcome chronic pains.

Ayurveda not only shells out the treatment for ailments, but also ensures that the symptoms are extracted from within.