Preserve Health to Celebrate Festivities

08 Oct

The very exciting and celebration filled festive season begins in a few days. Starting with Navaratri till Bhai-Duj, the next one and half month will witness extensive partying.

India is known for festivals where food and enjoyment are of prime importance. Right from kids to elders, every individual rejoices them with friends and family.

The festivities are filled with excitement, happiness, dance, music, decoration, rituals, extravagance and temptations. Here, the word ‘temptation’ refers to the consumption of food items such as sweets, snacks, spicy and oily stuff, meat, alcohol, cold drinks; you might avoid eating or drinking during the rest of the year.  Right?

Did you know? The uncontrolled eating during the festivals can easily make you sick with various ailments. Plus, there are chances of you putting on weight.

So, how would you preserve your health to celebrate festivities? You need not do anything extra. Here are few expert tips. The tips also include a couple of Ayurveda based suggestions.

  • Avoid skipping breakfast. Eat a breakfast that includes protein and fiber, preferably early in the morning. They help stabilize your blood sugar after the refractory period post exercising.
  • Focus on maintaining weight. This doesn’t mean you should deny sweets offered by loved ones. But avoid overeating sweets and sugary foods.
  • If you exercise daily, stick to your routine. Exercises reduce stress and decrease the accumulation of fats and calories.
  • Festivals mean extended family gatherings and parties. Eat small meals at regular intervals and avoid heavy late night dinner.
  • Since, Jatharagni is weak in the evening, avoiding heavy dinner is recommended.
  • Stay away from cold-drinks and alcohol.
  • Eat fruits or drink natural fruit juices. In the absence of fruits, green salad is a better alternative.
  • Chewing ginger slices with a dab of salt and lemon juice help stimulate digestive fire.
  • Cleanse your body by sipping warm water throughout the day.
  • Avoid eating leftover food. They are difficult to digest and cause acidity and stomach infections.

We want you to enjoy the festivals; full of vitality and enthusiasm with your near and dear ones. Just follow the above tips and you get to create healthy memories.

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