5 Efficient Ways Ayurveda Keeps You Healthy

04 Jan

Ayurveda – the science of life, is commonly understood of having its origins dating back 5 thousand years in the Indian subcontinent. But the figure of 5 thousand years may be an assumption and Ayurveda has existed in the world more than that period. Here, the point is not tracing Ayurveda’s history but what and how efficiently does it help us humans keep ourselves healthy in more than one way.
Ayurveda is considered as world’s oldest natural healing system. Although medical science has perfected the means of curing even the deadliest diseases, it is far from offering natural medicine. It is natural medicines that not only cure but cease the root cause of all disease or ailments.
Ayurveda is gaining traction across the world as a sustainable health solution. So, what makes Ayurveda unique and effective in modern times? Let us check out 5 efficient ways, Ayurveda helps in keeping you healthy.
Addresses the root causes of disease than symptom management.
Opposite to modern medical systems, which focuses on lab results, testing, and research; Ayurveda digs deep to discover the root cause of ailment in an individual’s life whether it is diet, routine activities, work, relationships, thoughts, or combinations of all of these. The search process is conducted by asking relevant questions and getting to know the individual deeply.

  • Unique individuality and customized.
    • Modern medicines are manufactured solely to treat the disease than the patient, whereas Ayurvedacharyas spend quality time with patients, build a relationship, treat him or her as an individual. Ayurvedacharyas customize optimal diet, daily routine, exercise regimen, yoga and meditation practice, herbal medicines (if required) for each individual separately.
  • Treats body, mind, soul, and senses.
    • An Ayurvedic practitioner digs deep into an individual’s daily routine and habits as part of primary understanding. In Ayurveda, a human being is seen as an integrated whole, with not only a body and mind but one who has a soul and five senses. These 4 factors are like five doors through that absorb and perceive the world around.
  • Two-layered healing approach.
    • Trained Ayurvedacharyas do not resort writing prescriptions directly because of a divided yet, amazing way to practice Ayurveda. The first is known as “Svasthasya Svasthya Rakshanam” while the second is known as “Swasthavritta”. The first protects the health of the healthy, while the second is based on medicines which treat diseases.
  • Tool to empower.
    • There are numerous tools which claim to heal you – physically and mentally, but nothing compares to Ayurveda. Ayurveda empowers you to reclaim and sustain your health because it does not fix your diseases, it sets you free by removing the problem from its roots.

Ayurveda connects you with incredible drug-free ways to wholeness residing within you. Ayurveda has withstood the test of time and it is as beneficial today the way it was thousands of years ago.

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