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 07 Nov, 2016

dry cough from 20-25 years

my mother has dry cough problem from 20-25 years, doctor tell her it is allergic cough , but no medicine relief more than 8-10 days , what i can do , which medicine i buy for my mother

--   Ear, Nose & Throat | tejinder singh

 25 Sep, 2016

Poor vision

Sir I am using spects because my vision is suffering from myopia. My age 32 years. How can I improve my vision? Please suggest suitable medicine. Thanks

--   Ophthalmics | Surya narayana

 01 Feb, 2016

Dry Eyes

Am 45 years now and have been using computers for the past 25 years. Suffering from dry eyes now-a-days, which causes redness, sand in eyes feeling and general discomfort. My vision is normal and don't have sugar or BP or any illness. Can you please suggest some solution?

--   Ophthalmics | Ravi G

 02 Oct, 2015


MY SON 7 YR OLD IS SUFFERING FROM HYPO THYROID SINCE BIRTH AND ON MEDICATION 125 mg Thyronorm,is there any mddicine or cure possible in AYURVEDIC OR HERBAL MEDICINE (I HEARD Aprajita herb for thyroid)


 04 Nov, 2014

Joint Pains

I have bought this Knivtiol Liniment Plus. There is something written about fomentation on that. Please explain what exactly has to be done.

--   Pain Relievers | Ashwini Shinde

 03 Nov, 2014

Dry Cough

I have seen your product Kofton on the website. How powerful is it for Dry Cough

--   Ear, Nose & Throat | Swati Korgaonkar

 26 Oct, 2014

Acute Stomach Pain & Inability to Eat Food

I am a 60 yrs old housewife.I have had my gall bladder removed in 1985 and underwent weight loss (laparoscopic bariatic) surgery in 2007.I get very acute pain in my stomach periodically and even the drinking of water hurts.This lasts for 2-3 months,leaving me frustrated & depressed.Clinical tests don't reveal any serious abnormality..other than suspected very hyper acidity,gastritus,etc.I want to avoid allopathy now.Please advise.Thx.

--   | Ajita Singh

 03 Jul, 2014



--   Ophthalmics |

 26 May, 2014

Dry eyes

I am 28 year old student. I mostly work on the computer (~6-8 hours/day). Recently, I have been suffering with dry eyes with minor pain in both eyes. Please suggest me cure of this problem.

--   Ophthalmics | Sandip Maurya

 14 May, 2014


I need to increase the body mass

--   Tonics | Appectual

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